Dr. Paul Nassif, the surgeon of the Botched program, reveals that surgery orders are conditioned by Instagram filters – GENTE Online

Paul Nassif (58), Hollywood’s most famous surgeon, host of Botched, the E! Entertainment, which premieres its seventh season, spoke with PEOPLE, spoke about his experience in the operating room for 21 consecutive years and analyzed how the perception imposed by social networks impacted on the transformations most requested by his clients. The personal friend of […]

Security guard disguised as surgeon, desperate to operate patient until death

Suara.com – An ex security in Pakistan disguised as surgeon and desperate to operate on a patient who is 80 years old. According to Wion News on Saturday (12/06), the patient was reported dead after operation. Shameema Begum performs surgery at Pakistan General Hospital. His family had already paid some money for the operation and […]

“It is not enough to offer patients a high scientific level”

Humanism, axis of the good doctor. He was born in San Jacinto. A whole life between Seville and Triana. Carmen Delgado Jiménez, specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, has dedicated 26 years to Valme Hospital, where he held the Medical Directorate. Cooperator and member of the NGO Andalusia for a New World. Accredited with the […]

Thanks to a mask & home office – beauty operations are booming in lockdown – Munich

Munich – Plump breasts, firm buttocks, full lips – the pandemic is a big plus in the wallet for cosmetic surgeons. According to the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC), cosmetic operations have increased by 9 percent (from 2019 to 2020), and minimally invasive treatments such as botox and hyaluronic acid injections by 14.1 […]