the singer hardly ever sang “I Will Always Love You”

A great cinema classic brought to you by one of the most beautiful voices of all time, the cinema Bodyguard blew up the career of WhitneyHouston upon its release in 1992. If the romance with the singer with the golden voice and the darling of American cinema of the 90s, Kevin Costneris one of the […]

The New York Times unveils its ranking of the 10 best jazz albums released in 2022

Sounds the time of the music rating of the year Like every year, the prestigious New York Times lists the 10 best jazz albums released since January: in the introduction to his article presenting the chart, the journalist John Russonello specifies that the albums, not always considered jazz works by artists, are real revelations, daring […]

The Citizens beat and eliminated Chelsea in the Carabao Cup

Manchester City continues to demonstrate total hegemony within the English league; those led by Pep Guardiola omitted the Chelsea from Carabao Cup with a score of 2-0 in Etihad Stadium. The goals were the work of the Algerian, Riad Mahrez and the Argentine Julian Alvarez, condemning Chelsea; the Blues added the third defeat in the […]

Discover “Sentimental Fool”, Lee Fields’ new album (excerpts)

The soulman is revealed through a new work between the soul spirit of the 70s and modernity Lee Fields is in fact back in music with a new album called Sentimental Fool. Released on October 28, the album highlights the musical universe that made the fifty-year-old soulman so successful. Having contributed to the influence and […]

how much is this new detective series worth, heir to “New York Police Blues”?

Cinema-TV-Review Series Posted Tuesday 4 October 2022 – 10:04: Par Jean-Philippe Darquenne Ciné-Télé-Revue signed Focused on a tough and charming commander, this fiction of the CBS channel wants to get out of the mold “NCIS”, “FBI”, “Rookie” being more realistic and complex. Even if it means being less spectacular. “East New York,” launched by CBS […]