Auction. In Rouen, gold leaves its reserve

Notice to the lucky holders of gold objects. According to Madeleine Guéry, auctioneer at Rouen, the situation is very favorable to them. «We remind our clients that the price of gold is reaching new heights», she announces on the Interenchères site. Indeed, geopolitical turmoil and economic slowdown are forcing gold, a safe haven par excellence, […]

“Legal Execution Department” opened the auction price “The Dhara Dhevi Hotel, Chiang Mai” this February 18 with prices starting at 2,116 million baht.

Legal Execution DepartmentAuction announcement The Dhara Dhevi Hotel, Chiang Mai, February 18, with an initial auction price of 2,116 million baht, which is the starting price of only 50% of the price bought by IFEC in December 2015. In the case of the Appeal Court dismissed the petition for business rehabilitation, Dhara Dhevi Hotel, Chiang […]

Record bid for a Batman comic at auction in the USA – culture –

9.01.2021 02:29 (Akt. 9.01.2021 02:29) Batman can also be assembled from Lego bricks ©APA (GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/Archiv) A 1940 Batman comic book set a record at a US auction. The auction house Heritage Auctions announced on Friday (local time) in Dallas, Texas, that $ 1.53 million (including buyer’s premium) had already been offered before […]

Auctions on the web, thanks to the confinement, are doing well in Rouen

Trend. If there are sectors that are mourning, the auction houses that have made the digital shift have taken advantage of the health situation. An almost empty room and yet bids which go up, go up and go up again, as for this doll put on sale for a few tens of euros and which […]

Junior 1, Coquimbo 2: Courage, don’t give up!

He ended up weighing the large number of casualties on Junior. The team finally felt the absences that limited only 15 players available to face Coquimbo Unido in the Copa Sudamericana. The usual headlines that were saved from the wave of Covid-19, injuries and expulsions in the team, they felt the wear and tear of […]

New Motorcycle Auction at IIMS Motobike Hybrid Show, Starting from IDR 1 Million

JAKARTA, – In the middle pandemic, two-wheeled lovers are spoiled by the event IIMS Motobike Hybrid Show 2020. One of the interesting programs is “Year End Sale & Auction !!” that was held during exhibition take place. In the automotive exhibition which was held online and offline, 13 units were provided motor will be […]

Czech auction record. The paper statehood from 1919 was auctioned for 12.1 million

The 5,000th statehood from 1919 was auctioned in Friday’s internet auction for a record 12.1 million crowns. Its starting price was one million crowns. It thus became the most expensive Czech currency, which was sold at a domestic auction, said Adéla Hansen on behalf of the auction organizer. The auction was organized by and […]