Lizard at the peak of happiness! She will take care of a new baby

Svetlana Guscherova is considered the godmother of Azis’s third baby, writes Bulgaria Dnes. The pop folk performer announced a few days ago that he is expecting to become a father again. His close friend said she wanted to be the child’s babysitter again, and the singer gladly accepted. “Only you, my love. We’ve talked, you […]

A father was swept away by a BMW on “Iztochen” Blvd., who was collecting …

A BMW driver hit a man near the footpath on Iztochen Blvd., next to the sports halls. This was reported to “Maritsa” by eyewitnesses. The victim took his child from training, after which the two started to go home. However, then the father was taken away by the German vehicle. According to eyewitnesses, the man […]

A huge tragedy since the age of 14. cyclist in Stara Zagora

A 14-year-old boy died after being hit by a bus in Stara Zagora. The incident happened around 5:30 pm at the intersection of Tsar Simeon the Great Blvd. and Edirne Epic Street on Tuesday. According to initial information, the boy was taken to the university hospital in the city with two broken legs and without […]

Marcelina Zawadzka in a pink miniature. An eloquent comment from the TVP star

Zawadzka published a series of photos from that stay. You can see her in a pink mini with a large neckline. The outfit fully emphasizes her shapely figure. Interestingly, in a few photos the celebrity holds a small child in her arms. This picture tempted Ida Nowakowska, the presenter of “Questions for breakfast”, to make […]

Maria Ignatova showed her grown son! You will not believe who the PHOTO looks like

Maria Ignatova often shares things from her personal life, but she is uncompromising about her son. She hasn’t uploaded a photo of him on social media for years, but now she has broken this law and stunned everyone with her grown-up teenager. Dimitar Rachkov’s ex-wife fought in recognition of her grown-up son Viktor, and everyone […]

Nicholas Cage is not on his own from this news

Nicholas Cage has revealed that he is expecting his first child from his wife Rico Shibata and that he will be a girl, reports “Daily Star”. The 58-year-old actor announced the news during his participation in the “Kelly Clarkson Show”, saying: “I will have a baby girl.” Cage also revealed that he and 27-year-old Shibata […]

The blackened parents of the 2-year-old killed in Anevo speak. little girl

The team in black, with eyes swollen with tears, was greeted by the team of BLIC Plovdiv Ivelina and Stanimir Stanevi in ​​the village of Anevo. The father holds his head in his hands and still can’t believe the horror that has befallen the family, the mother speaks by force, a lump is stuck in […]

A touching drama! K-19 killed 13. child in Sliven region

A 13-year-old child was among the four people killed by COVID-19 in Sliven district last week, the Regional Crisis Staff said. The child was accompanied by a serious illness. All four deceased were not immunized. From April 4 to 10, 111 residents of Sliven district were diagnosed with COVID-19, among them a teacher, a student […]