“The role of cherub made me grow a lot”

ENCOUNTER – Featured in Marriage of Figaro, the singer, tested positive for Covid the day after the premiere should go back on stage at the end of the week. On this January afternoon, in a sun-drenched office at the Palais Garnier, Lea Desandre confesses: “Being here is a dream come true.” A few days before […]

Celine Dion’s health worries Valérie Lemercier

The French actress, who played a fictional double of the Quebec diva in Aline, says she is concerned about repeated cancellations of concerts. Very convincing Valérie Lemercier in the role of a fictional double of Celine Dion in Aline, – a film she also directed – no longer hides her concern at the apparent fragility […]

CD sales rebound for the first time in 17 years in the United States

The releases of the event albums of Adele, Taylor Swift or BTS have allowed sales of a format that we thought was definitely overtaken by streaming to start again on the rise. It is a time that those under twenty cannot know. The CD King, which sold in the millions and was the most popular […]

finally a trailer for the return of Donald Glover’s awesome series!

The continuation of the adventures of Earn and his cousin, the rapper Paper Boi were expected since 2018. On the program for this third season: a change of scenery … radical! “Failing to go to Atlanta is Atlanta who will come to you. “ This is what inspires the first images of the sequel toAtlanta, […]

a member of the BTS group tested positive on his return from the United States

Suga participated in the K-pop group’s US concert series at the end of November. Returning to Korea on December 23, he tested positive during his mandatory quarantine period. Suga, songwriter and rapper for K-pop sensation BTS, tested positive for Covid-19 upon returning from touring the United States, the group’s management said on Friday. Read alsoCovid-19: […]

Which Spider-Man could replace Tom Holland’s for the future of the MCU?

Marvel is far from done with Spider-Man, but maybe Tom Holland is. He says it, it is time to move on to another representation of the Weaver. Spider-Man : No Way Home offers a nice conclusion to all Spider-Man movies by bringing together the character’s iconic enemies in one movie. Something long awaited by fans, […]

Drive My Car | Film-Rezensionen.de

Content / criticism “Drive My Car” // Start in Germany: December 23, 2021 (cinema) Film and theater are the themes that director and actor Yusuke Kafuku (Hidetoshi Nishijima) with his wife Oto (Reika Kirishima), a screenwriter for Japanese television. So for Yusuke it has become an integral part of his everyday life that he listens […]

Anthony Mackie to keep Captain America costume for a long time

While Anthony Mackie aka Falcon has become the new Captain America, the latter will stay with Marvel for a long time to come. While many mourn the end of Captain America premier cru worn by Chris Evans, whose arteries have become too fragile to continue playing shield afterwards Avengers : Endgame, it is Falcon’s turn […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg wants to open “her father’s house” before the end of 2021

The daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg wants the legendary mansion on rue de Verneuil in Paris to become a museum dedicated to the work of the singer whose thirtieth anniversary is celebrated this Tuesday. On March 2, 1991, Serge Gainsbourg left us. Today, thirty years later, her daughter Charlotte wants more than ever […]

The new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections promises as well as the first

At the beginning of September, we sat and counted down to the time of release The Matrix Resurrectionsthe trailer, which was received with open arms by fans all over the world. It has been a long time since we have noticed such clear enthusiasm around one reboot. The second official trailer is now available, and […]