Hidden areas on airplanes that are forbidden to passengers… Here are the photos…

“They can be pretty comfortable,” says Susannah Carr, a flight attendant at United Airlines who has worked on Boeing planes, including the 787, 777 and 767. there are temperature controls to keep you warmer. We are usually provided with bedding similar to those used in business class on our international flights.” But are they better […]

On sale.. On sale! Bike Prices Drop, Time to Buy?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bicycle prices fell in mid-2022 as interest in riding declined. Multiple shops online also began to dare to lower for the sake of selling their products quickly. On site e-commerce Shopee, there is a Kloss 700C Chromoly Road Bike racing bike which is sold for Rp. 2.99 million, while the original […]

A fake banknote scam is wreaking havoc on Facebook!

It was from May 16, 2022 that we noticed, for the first time, the fake Ryanair ticket scam. The scammers seized the identity of Ryanair According to the media, Capital et BFM TV, the fake Ryanair ticket scam worked on millions of Facebook users on May 16, 2022. Indeed, a fake page took over the […]

After shipwreck: Twelve dead recovered off the Chinese coast

Status: 04.07.2022 2:53 p.m – – – Twelve bodies have been recovered off the coast of the South China Sea. The authorities assume that they are sailors from the “Fujing 001”. The ship sank during a typhoon. Two days after a shipwreck in the South China Sea, emergency services recovered twelve dead – about 90 […]

Airport strikes hit Paris and spread across Europe

On Thursday, the ground staff and the fire brigade at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, one of the largest airports in Europe, went on strike. A quarter of all flights from there have been cancelled. The strikers were demanding a wage increase of 300 euros a month in light of the rising cost of […]

Symptoms of Heart Disease Can Be Known from Coughing, Know the 6 Types

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Cough is considered a common disease because almost everyone experiences it. Usually, coughing is associated with health problems in the respiratory tract. Whether it’s a dry cough or cough with phlegm, all of them are considered relatively mild pain and get better with time, either with medication or left alone. However, coughing […]