Gout sufferers must know! This is a kitchen spice that can reduce high uric acid

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Gout can affect anyone. This is a line of herbs that are effective in lowering high uric acid. Gout, a common disease in the community. This disease is not contagious, but can affect both men and women. Mostly, uric acid attacks those who are 30 years old. Also Read: Uric acid recurrence? […]

Many don’t know, these are the causes and symptoms of gout to watch out for

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. You suffer from gout? We recommend reading this information. Uric acid is a nitrogen compound metabolized from purines. A condition with high levels of uric acid in the blood is called hyperuresemia. Increased uric acid and human blood can cause health problems, including rheumatic pain accompanied by pain in the joints. This […]

Can spread the corona virus, be aware of this type of insect

Author: Belladina Biananda KONTAN.CO.ID – Flies are one type of insect that you need to avoid. Not only disgusting, these types of insects can also spread various kinds of diseases. No exception to corona virus infection. Therefore, how to get rid of flies you need to do immediately. A study published in the journal Parasites […]

Benefits of strawberries for health, from a source of antioxidants to sugar control

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Regular consumption of strawberries is good for health. The reason is, strawberries have many health benefits. Strawberries are quite a favorite fruit to be processed into juice drinks in Indonesia. There are many benefits of strawberries for health. Besides being processed into drinks, this fruit is widely used as a complement to […]

Check out the JSM Hypermart promo 7-10 May 2021, Hyper Weekend Discount!

KONTAN.CO.ID – Here comes the good news for discount seekers weekend. The JSM Hypermart promo for the 7-10 May 2021 period has just started. As the name implies, JSM promo is a general term used by consumers to refer to promos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, Hypermart provides one more day so you can […]

Is the Yamaha R7 ready to slide following the appearance of the latest teaser?

Source: Great Biker | Editor: Bimo Kresnomurti KONTAN.CO.ID – TOKYO. Yamaha released teaser a new motorcycle that is thought to be a Yamaha R7 or YZF-R7. Teaser it’s titled Track. Street. R / World, which is a clip showing how to drive a sports bike. Then, the cutout depicts a normal road and writing appears […]