Prime Minister of Sweden gave Zelensky a copy of the letter of Charles XII on the recognition of the Zaporizhzhya Sich as an independent state

Video recording of the event published on Facebook Office of the President of Ukraine.

“I am handing over a copy of a letter from the National Archives of Sweden, written in 1711 … King Charles XII … wrote a letter about Pylyp Orlyk. There he instructs the Swedish ambassador to recognize the Zaporizhzhya Sich as an independent state. So that there is no oppression from Moscow Tsar,” Andersson said, “I think it fits well into the modern context… 300 years have passed, and we see that one of our successful projects in Ukraine is municipal self-government and also democratic processes in the country.”

Zelensky read out a fragment of the document during the briefing.

“… To quickly implement the article on the freedom of Ukraine and all Cossacks in all of Ukraine, the Zaporizhian army under the current commander Pylyp Orlyk to return the old freedom, possession of their land and its former borders. So that from now on this people will become an independent state and will never again be subject to obedience or protection of the king,” the president said.


Andersson arrived in Ukraine on a visit on July 4. Prime Minister of Sweden visited Bucha and Borodyanka liberated from Russian invaders in April Kyiv region. “President Volodymyr Zelensky says that Ukrainians are fighting not just for Ukraine, but for the civilized world and democratic values. And this is absolutely true,” Andersson said after the trip.

In Kyiv Andersson held talks with Zelensky. According to the prime minister, they discussed Sweden’s support for Ukraine, the restoration of the country and the status of Ukraine’s candidate for EU membership.

Following the meeting, Zelensky and Andersson agreed on a joint statement – the first document in the history of bilateral relations between countries.

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