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25 percent discount on fuel

  • Before filling up, ask at the gas station if they provide it
  • Prepare the small ticket of the car, no other documents are required

Fuels with a discount of 25 cents per liter will be available in the first minutes of Saturday. On Monday, it became clear that the July 5 issue of the “State Gazette” will publish the budget update, in which the measure is recorded. It is stated that it is valid 3 days after promulgation – that is, from midnight on Friday versus Saturday.

However, gas stations close every day one minute before midnight to report all sales to the NRA, and open half an hour after midnight. This means that the fuel discount will be available after 00:30 on Saturday. The aid must operate until the end of the year or until the BGN 150 million allocated for it is used up.

The compensation it’s working when charging of fuels with lowest sale price

of the corresponding type in the commercial outlet. For example, in some of them these are gasoline A95, diesel fuel, propane-butane and methane. Premium fuels that have additives are excluded.

The quantities must be poured into the tank of the car, the use of additional containers is not allowed. There is no limit to liters and the number of refills.

In order to receive the compensation, the car must be registered in Bulgaria, be owned by an individual, be category M1 or L. For vehicles registered as N1, or the so-called pastry chefs, no discount will be given.

At the gas station must be provided the little coupon

so that its details can be verified by the cashier. For the purchase of discounted fuels, an individual extended receipt will be issued, which will include only this type of fuel. Another fiscal receipt or invoice will be issued for the remaining goods.

Customers do not need to provide personal data. The invoice or cash receipt is issued to a customer with the name “Recipient of fuel compensation under ZDBRB”. The vehicle registration number will also be entered there. Payment for fuel can be made in cash or with a bank card.

If a receipt is not presented or if the registration number is refused, the compensation will be refused.

The Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association, which includes 16 companies, including the largest chains, has already announced that its members will provide the discount.

The measure is not mandatory, but a large part of retailers will get involved, it will probably be applied by smaller gas stations as well, predicts the chairman of the association Zivodar Terziev. (24 cups)

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