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After shipwreck: Twelve dead recovered off the Chinese coast

Status: 04.07.2022 2:53 p.m

Twelve bodies have been recovered off the coast of the South China Sea. The authorities assume that they are sailors from the “Fujing 001”. The ship sank during a typhoon.

Two days after a shipwreck in the South China Sea, emergency services recovered twelve dead – about 90 kilometers southwest of where the ship sank. The authorities are now working on the identification, as reported by the Chinese state television CCTV, citing the responsible authority in Guangdong Province. So it is assumed that the people drowned.

Typhoon Chaba hit the region on Saturday morning. At the time, the Chinese crane ship “Fujing 001” was near the city of Yangjiang – almost 300 kilometers from Hong Kong. It was used for the construction of offshore wind turbines. But the “Fujing 001” got into distress and broke up – with 30 crew members on board.

High waves and poor visibility

A crew member was rescued alive shortly before the bodies were recovered. Three other sailors have already been able to get to safety from the sinking ship. Video footage showed a crew member being pulled into a helicopter with a lifeline as the “Fujing 001” sank into the sea below.

26 people are still considered missing. Waves up to ten meters high and visibility of less than 500 meters initially made it difficult to find them. It lasts. According to CCTV, paramedics are also involved in order to be able to provide immediate help if more people are found alive.

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