Calimaya, State of Mexico; July 3, 2022. The Government of the State of Mexico, through the Ministry of the Environment (SMA) and the State Commission of Natural Parks and Fauna (Cepanaf), announced the arrival in Edoméx of three specimens of California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus), guests of honor and new members of the “Zacango Family”. Thanks … Read more

Oberliga club KFC Uerdingen defeated district division club VfB Uerdingen 6:3

Jul 3, 2022 @ 4:51pm Only 6:3 against VfB Uerdingen : This is how KFC trainer Alexander Voigt classifies the performance – Kai Bastian Evers from KFC fighting for the ball with Jonas Kremer from VfB (blue jersey); Captain Leonel Kadiata lurks in the background. Photo: BRAUER photo agency/Stefan Brauer – – Krefeld The results … Read more

Group of white supremacists in Boston march drawing condemnation from residents: “Your hate is as cowardly as it is disgusting”

The police received the report that the extremists were walking through the streets with an unknown route. Foto: David McNew / Getty Images – Dozens of men, who carried shields and flags, marched through Boston on Saturday, the Boston Police Department reported, in a video it can be seen that they carried the flags with … Read more