Hidden areas on airplanes that are forbidden to passengers… Here are the photos…

“They can be pretty comfortable,” says Susannah Carr, a flight attendant at United Airlines who has worked on Boeing planes, including the 787, 777 and 767. there are temperature controls to keep you warmer. We are usually provided with bedding similar to those used in business class on our international flights.”

But are they better than a business, or even a first-class seat? “In some ways yes, in some ways no,” Carr says. “Beds can be wider than first class, and for me personally, depending on the plane, there can be more legroom.. But it’s a bunk bed, so you don’t need full headroom to be in the cabin, and frankly, there isn’t. You also have no privacy. And if you have claustrophobia, you can definitely feel like it’s there”.


Crew rest areas are designed in such a way that they do not attract too much attention from passengers wherever they are: “A walking traveler will probably think it’s a closet,” says Carr. “I won’t go too far into how to access it. We sometimes have people who think it’s a bathroom door and try to open it, but we’re just showing them the way to the heart of the matter.”

Behind the door there is usually a small landing and, on the newest planes at least, a staircase to the upper floor. carr, “Sometimes I jokingly call them ‘catacombs'” says.

Photo: A split view of the Finnair A350 cabin crew rest area.

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