Taliban talks with Western diplomats in Oslo

Jan Egeland (left), Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, and Taliban representatives The Taliban want to achieve the lifting of sanctions, the provision of $10 billion in aid and recognition as a legitimate government. Negotiations between Western diplomats and human rights activists with representatives of the Taliban have come to an end in Oslo. […]

Daughter of Zoltán Mága – nlc.hu

Zoltán Mágaand his family also had music on the last Sunday of Advent, his daughter, Jennifer for he gave a concert in the Sándor Palace, where received enormous recognition Writes Glance. (Photo: Csaba Schumy / smagpix) “My daughter’s album Merry Christmas became a gold record this year. The album was handed over by the producer […]

“It is a recognition of both UNIR’s work and online education”

L.J.R. LOGROÑO. Sunday, December 12, 2021, 01:00 When the European Union Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) set UNIR for a student to be appointed ambassador for the UE Careers program, Adela López, Vice-Rector for Students, interpreted it as a double recognition: one , to the work of the entity; another, to the online educational model developed […]

The panel of “The Masked Singer exposed: They didn’t recognize a top act …

The panelists in “The Masked Singer” 3 have been exposing themselves recently with their unsuccessful attempts to identify the people hiding under the masks. This time Azis, Marta Vachkova, Alex Raeva and Vlado Penev did not know Marian Bachev, who played them well behind the mask of the Eyes. The top actor performed brilliantly, even […]

Grupo Milenio receives recognition for union between America and Europe

The organization of the Fifth Congress of Media Editors European Union – Latin America, which was based in Madrid, recognized the MILLENNIUM GROUP for their important support in the relationship and union between both continents. The recognition, which consisted of a personalized engraving by the contemporary Galician painter, José María Barreiro, was delivered by the […]

A masked witness recognized Slavi Angelov’s thugs in the police

He named the twins Georgi and Nikola Assenovi, as well as Biser Mitrev among other men lined up next to them. A man with a mask on his head participated in the identification of the three defendants in the beating of Slavi Angelov. This became clear at the hearing in the case in the Specialized […]

Turkey advises the world to recognize the Taliban

Photo: Anadolu Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu Ankara advises not to rush to recognize the Taliban authorities and to act together with the international community. The Turkish authorities advise the world not to rush to recognize the Taliban who seized power in Afghanistan, writes Interfax on Tuesday, September 7th. “There is no need to rush. […]

EU calls for talks with Taliban

EU wants talks with Taliban Improving relations with the new authorities in Kabul should not be considered, according to Borrell, the recognition of the militant government. The European Union needs to start negotiations with the Taliban terrorist movement, which has seized power in Afghanistan. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said this in an […]

Third international recognition for a video on tourism in Extremadura

Capture of the Extremaduran short film. THE NEWSPAPER The short film Extremadura, everything you imagine, where you can’t imagine it: the movie he got up yesterday Friday with him Silver Award from the Cappadocia International Tourism Film Festival (Turkey), in the category of Tourist Destinations-region. It is, according to the Junta de Extremadura, the third […]

Brazilian receives the same distinction as Einstein: ‘surprising’ – News

Brazilian Angela Villela Olinto became a member of the United States Academy of and Arts and Sciences, similar recognition was given to Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. The University of Chicago professor and dean of the institution’s physics division was also invited to participate in the National Academy of Sciences. In an interview with the […]