20 minutes – “Maddie lives in Germany and sings”

Is Maddie still alive? And if so, where is it? This is not only the question of the parents of the girl who disappeared in 2007.

The mysterious case is brought up again and again. For example, former investigators have been sentenced to prison terms, and young women repeatedly claim that they are the kidnapped girl. So far nothing has been confirmed.

Now a clairvoyant thesis ensures that the case is discussed again. Fia Johansson says that she knows where Maddie is. The self-proclaimed medium explains to the “Birmingham Mail”: “I can see that she lives in Germany. She has no idea about her real family. She was very small at the time, so she can’t remember her parents. »

Johansson does not leave it at that, but goes into even more detail. Maddie is now supposed to be called Melanie. In addition, she should have a beautiful voice and will be in public in the near future. The case would eventually be resolved between 2022 and 2024. Then the parents would recognize their missing daughter.

Star on Insta

The clairvoyant also believes she knows what has happened in the meantime. A child dealer from Germany kidnapped the then four-year-old girl. Shortly afterwards, he was arrested and detained, but he was never linked to the Maddie case.

How much one can believe the statements of Fia Johansson is of course questionable. On Instagram she is at least a real star: over 1.2 million people follow the self-proclaimed clairvoyant and swear by her predictions.



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