Recording of Volcanic Activity on Venus

Saturday, March 18 2023 – 09:08 WIB LIVE Techno – When scientists took a closer look at archival images of the surface of Venus, they found something new: evidence of volcanic activity there. The NASA (Aviation and Space Administration) spacecraft, Magellan captured images in the early 1990s as it circled our closest planetary neighbor which […]

Venus has an active volcano

Researchers have long suspected that volcanoes are still simmering on Venus today – but until now there has been no clear evidence of this. Two scientists have now discovered an active volcanic vent on old radar images from the planetary probe Magellan. The images show that the volcanic vent has changed significantly in eight months. […]

Frequent Volcanic Eruptions on Venus

CONDITION The planet, which is called the Morning Star because of its brightness level, is like a star in a dark sky, but it is not as beautiful as it seems. Venus, which is considered to be Earth’s twin, turns out to have both active volcanoes. Robert Herrick from the Geophysics Institute at the University […]

Including Venus: The Top 10 Most Unlivable Places in the Universe

Jakarta – Many future projects are researched in outer space as a substitute for Earth. There’s been a lot of speculation planet-planet which are similar to those of Earth. On the other hand, there are also various places in the universe that are not habitable. Some of these places even have heat that can be […]

Known as the Planet of Hell, Was There Really an Ocean on Venus?

Jakarta – The solar system presents various beautiful objects that can be enjoyed from the surface of the Earth. One of which is Venusthe brightest and most beautiful object in the night sky that humans can witness. Even though it has enormous beauty, it turns out that Venus is an inhospitable planet for life and […]

Experts Reveal the Secrets of Planet Venus Can Be ‘Ageless’

CNN Indonesia Monday, 06 Mar 2023 02:49 WIB Illustration. Venus turns out to have a soft planet surface. (REUTERS/NASA) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — The latest research takes advantage data Magellan’s plane unravels hypothesis the latest about the planet Venus. Experts suspect that the planet has a squishy lithosphere that makes it look ‘youthful’. The lithosphere is […]

Venus and Jupiter “kiss” each other

Theo JurriensThe very bright planets can still be seen well in the coming days NOS News•today, 11:54 It’s been noticeable in the western sky for a few days now: the two bright points of light that appear close together just after sunset. They are the planets Jupiter and Venus, which are very close to each […]