There May Be Many Other Humans in the Universe

Jakarta – Imagine that at one time, humans were able to visit another world and there, they encountered creatures who turned out to be too man. Such a theory according to scientists is possible. Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary expert from the University of Cambridge, said he quite believed that on other planets there might […]

The Mystery of the Asteroid That Follows Planet Earth Revealed, Check It Out!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A mysterious, tiny object has been detected near Earth. The object which is categorized as an asteroid that seems to always follow the Earth is named 469219 Kamoʻoalewa by scientists. In a recent study, researchers concluded that it is possible that Kamoʻoalewa was once part of the Moon. Because this asteroid […]

Search for Alien Life, NASA Suggests Using the COLD Standard

JAKARTA – NASA scientists believe humans are not alone and are still looking for other life that exists in outer space. So far, NASA and a number of European countries have poured large amounts of money to search for life Alien . But NASA admits there is no clear framework for finding this alien life. […]

It’s been hidden, aliens monitor Earth from here!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Aliens are suspected of monitoring Earth’s life from a number of planets out there. Not even just one planet, there are 29 planets that are suspected of monitoring humans. This is based on the findings of the report of two astronomers United States (US). This assumption stems from the existence of […]

If a scientist managed to find an alien, what would you ask?

Jakarta – If scientist managed to find an alien beyond Earth, what question would you like to ask him? So far the search for aliens has been carried out on a large scale by scientists, but there have been no concrete results that can prove the existence of highly intelligent alien creatures. detikINET even, Sunday […]

Is Indonesia Also Looking For Aliens?

Jakarta – Many other countries have done searches alien presence. Is Indonesia one of the countries that are looking for aliens outside Earth? This question detikINET throw it at Thomas Djamaluddin Astronomy-Astrophysics Researcher, at the Aviation and Space Research Organization (EIGHT). According to him, looking for aliens in his astronomical language is ‘looking for an […]

Mysterious Signal Allegedly Found on Earth’s Nearest Exoplanet, Alien Sign?, Jakarta – Alien hunters have uncovered a mysterious signal thought to have come from Earth’s closest exoplanet, Proxima Centauri. Earlier, in 2020, astronomers and observers of extraterrestrial phenomena at Breakthrough Listen reported an interesting signal was picked up when they pointed the Parkes telescope at Proxima Centauri, the closest exoplanet to Earth. The Parkes […]

If You Get Lost in the Universe, How Do You Get Back to Earth?

Maybe you’ve ever imagined, one day you’re lost far away outer space, far from the earth and the solar system. They all look the same, you can’t tell which is a galaxy or which is a star. From these stars you are also difficult to determine which is the sun. In the midst of the […]