“Manhattan 12th-Floor Fall Claims Life of a Worker”

The Department of Buildings orders work halted at a Manhattan construction property for investigations after a construction worker died after a fall on site. The incident occurred at a time when the worker was carrying out carpentry work on the 12th floor of a 57-story building located at 270 Park avenue. The unfortunate fact was […]

A pilot plan is suggested to enable select buses to provide free rides.

Offering free bus routes and promising to further cut wait times on subway trains, a group of state lawmakers wants to bring back people who stopped using public transportation because of the pandemic. “Well, I’m really a working woman and I’d like some help, that would be great,” said MTA rider Rosanna Celestino. It’s one […]

Communities to receive Participatory Budget this week

New Yorkers have the opportunity to vote on proposed infrastructure projects for their neighborhood, whichever they prefer. This as part of the participatory budget week, in which community members decide how part of the money allocated to their district is invested. Ana Salgado, Coordinator of the Mental Health Program, Mixteca states: “It is the way […]

MTA to Extend Program Allowing Open Strollers on Thousand Buses

Manuela López says that because of how difficult and uncomfortable it is to board trains and buses with her child’s stroller, she prefers to bring her little one loaded. In this way, Manuela travels a route of about 34 blocks until she reaches 77th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, in Jackson Heights, where she picks up […]

Street vendors determine to keep working whether or not they possess a permit.

Street vendors continue to fight for permits and licenses, following Mayor Eric Adams’ announcement assigning the Department of Sanitation the task of evicting those who do not meet the requirements to sell on the streets. “We to the mayor is that they issue us permits and licenses for us to work with dignity or rather […]

New York poised to intensify efforts against illicit marijuana sales.

In New York City there are only a handful of dispensaries that have been licensed to sell marijuana, the recreational use of which has been legal in the state since 2021; however, thousands of shops and street stalls offer all kinds of cannabis-derived products. Now the authorities want to stifle this proliferation. To that end, […]

Sara Baras brings her flamenco performance “Alma” back to New York City

The Spanish flamenco dancer and choreographer, Sara Baras, returns to the New York public with her show Alma, a fusion of bolero and flamenco. “It’s very, very, very exciting because you get nervous, you know, you really want them to feel, in this case Alma, that it goes very straight to the heart and it’s […]