High rents, lack of affordable housing: NYC pessimism

Gloria Rodríguez says the cost of living has risen dramatically after the pandemic, including rent which is her concern and that of many other New Yorkers. A survey by the Regional Plan Association confirms these fears by indicating that 52 percent of those who participated in the survey say they are dissatisfied with the limited […]

tortillas made with ‘criollo’ corn from Mexico

This tortilla has a unique flavor and production in New York. And the reason is its essence, the dough is made from different grains of “criollo” corn from various parts of Mexico. “As that flavor that you miss from home he could not find here and it was that nostalgia that made him begin to […]

New Yorkers less optimistic about recovery NYC

A new poll released this morning reveals that the majority of New Yorkers view the future of the city with less optimism, due to concerns about crime, lack of affordable housing and the pandemic. Regional Plan Association (RPA) survey results show 41% of residents are satisfied with the overall direction of the region, compared to […]

New York experiences changes in the taste of drinking water

Residents of some parts of the city may experience changes in the taste of the drinking water that reaches their homes. However, representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP, for its acronym in English) assure that the water consumption is safe. The earthy taste that can be detected in the water is due to […]

Neighbors complain of increased rats in Ridgewood, Queens

This is what happens in front of Elizabeth Pina’s apartment in Ridgewood. “We try to keep the area absolutely clean but there are a lot of rats. It’s the only thing that rats are multiplying too much in this area of ​​Ridgewood. They get into the rubbish bins, they get into the cars, they eat […]

NYC Food Delivery Deadly Quota Rises

Faced with the more than 15 deaths of food delivery men, as a result of violence during the increasingly common thefts of their bicycles, the organizations representing the so-called deliveristas The alarm was once again sounded about the lack of support from home service applications, which see them as contractors rather than employees. RELATED STORIES: […]

Lack of communication protests in East River Park project

There are months left for heavy machinery to begin work to build what the city calls the East Side Coastal Resilience Work – a five-year, two-phase plan to raise East River Park eight feet. However, more neighbors have joined the protests that have been organized since the plan was unveiled. This time in front of […]

Workers can’t find apartments in Brooklyn

Fernando Betancourt has two months looking for where to move. And although he has budgeted twelve hundred dollars for a study, that amount is not enough to find a place to live in Williamsburg. “The prices are high, everything is very expensive. An apartment costs more than two thousand dollars… I want a room, it […]

Trump testifies in NY in lawsuit for 2015 incident

Former President Donald Trump was questioned Monday in a deposition for a lawsuit filed by protesters who accused the mogul’s security team of beating them during a protest in the early days of his presidential campaign in 2015. Trump testified under oath during a several-hour private questioning at the Trump Tower in New York City, […]

C. Powell, son of immigrants, born in Harlem

Colin Powell, who worked with Democratic and Republican US presidents on war and peace but whose fine reputation forever deteriorated when he appeared before the United Nations and made incorrect claims to justify the US war in Iraq, died Monday of complications. by COVID-19. He was 84 years old. Powell, the son of immigrants from […]