The future of Mazda in Europe officially: Big SUV, six-cylinder and Wankel!

Japanese carmakers don’t have it easy on the old continent. At least Mazda does not intend to say goodbye to its operations in Europe, as it is preparing a number of new products. Mazda’s management has confirmed that it will introduce two new large models to the European market over the next two years CX-60 […]

The new BMW 2 Active Tourer is here. With giant kidneys and touch control

The MPVs are in decline, but BMW still trusts them. Shortly after the leak of appearance, there is the second generation of the 2 Series Active Tourer in all its beauty. BMW officially introduces the second generation of its compact MPV 2 Active Tourer. While so other brands are leaving the SUV segment, the manufacturer […]

Want a monster from Alfa Romeo? You’re unlucky, Giulia GTA reports sold out!

From the beginning, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA was presented as a collector’s car. The brutal sedan was created as part of the celebrations of 110 years since the founding of the company. Alfa Romeo shocked the world last year when it introduced the Giulia GTA, a brutal version of its middle-class sedan that is […]