A video game platform to mobilize on the climate

FIGARO TOMORROW – Launched this Thursday, the EngageNow platform targets employees and customers of companies but also local communities, schools and ultimately the general public. It is the first initiative in the world in the world to be labeled Gold by the UN Climate. No more guilt-inducing ecology! Make way for awareness and training to […]

shortages are on the rise in the United States and the United Kingdom

Catering, transport, construction: sectors that require difficult hours have the greatest difficulty in recruiting staff. In the United States, the airline company Delta Airlines had to cancel in April nearly a hundred flights in one weekend, due to insufficient flight crew. In east London, the Italian restaurant Ombra has resigned itself to closing two days […]

These impact loans that engage businesses

FIGARO DEMAIN – The cost of this financing is reduced if the borrower achieves the social or environmental objectives previously set. Can a loan highlight the company’s CSR policy? This is what FM Logistic hoped for, which manages stocks and transport for large groups (Carrefour, L’Oréal, etc.) by taking out an impact loan in January. […]

towards a new lean protocol

The new measures sent to the social partners and which have yet to be formalized provide in particular the possibility for employees to have lunch at six around a table. While employees will soon be able to gradually return to their workplace, company restaurants are preparing to welcome them for lunch. Read also :Collective catering […]

Unions still skeptical about the financing of complementary health

By 2026, public employers will pay 50% of the mutual fund for all employees, but without benefiting from additional credits. It has been in effect since February 18. The ordinance provided for by the Civil Service Transformation Act of 2019 was published in Official newspaper, and the 5.6 million civil servants will now benefit from […]

they started their business during the pandemic

The health crisis is not preventing young entrepreneurs from getting started. They face new kinds of challenges. They dare, and they have never even been so numerous! Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, 848,200 new businesses were created last year (+ 4% compared to 2019), a record according to INSEE. Among these companies, there is in […]

New York, new major trading port

With the extension of the Panama Canal, the American city and the major ports on the East Coast can accommodate huge container ships coming directly from China. A 366-meter-long mastodon, loaded with 14,400 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) containers, was due to enter New York Bay this Thursday morning, marking the start of a new era for […]

Her small business thrives on YouTube

At 24, Léa Coffrant combines her activities as an author, consultant and influencer on social networks. As a child, Léa Coffrant dreamed of being a trapeze artist, lawyer or teacher. At 14, she found her way: she became an influencer when she started posting videos on YouTube every Wednesday. She addressed teenage girls like her […]

London and New York, favorite cities for expatriates

Working in these two big cities is often seen as fulfilling by expats. It also serves as a springboard for their careers. Paris is appreciated for its quality of life. Overview of the cities preferred by expatriates. Expats like to work at London and New York. These two cities, dynamic and cosmopolitan, are acclaimed by […]