Apple does not want to be forced to allow sideloading in the United States

It is not only in Europe where the regulator is seeking to rebalance the balance of power with the big tech companies – Apple in the front line. In the United States too, laws are taking their course and the manufacturer intends to make its voice heard. The company has sent a letter to US […]

airlines are alarmed at ‘chaos’ if 5G isn’t restricted near airports

At the center of concerns, the possible disturbances on the on-board instruments and their consequences on the planes. The bosses of ten American airlines expressed alarm to United States authorities on Monday about the potential «chaos» what the deployment of ultra-fast 5G mobile internet technology around airports would represent, in a letter obtained by AFP. […]

Foreign companies seduced by a France with renewed attractiveness

DECRYPTION – The Choose France summit in Versailles is postponed, but investment projects are piling up. The Choose France event, which since the beginning of the five-year term in January has brought together the greatest international leaders under the gold of the Château de Versailles, may have been postponed once again for health reasons – […]

Record of tests and stability of work stoppages for 2021, according to Health Insurance

Nearly 170 million tests have been reimbursed with a volume of work stoppages “Almost stable” compared to the past year at more than 30 million. A name “extremely high“of tests reimbursed, nearly 170 million, and a volume of work stoppages”almost stable“Compared to the year spent at more than 30 million: Health Insurance drew the first […]

In the United States, inflation is driving up the price of used cars

Due to the shortage of microchips, new cars are scarce. Individuals who resell their car do good business. Sell ​​your used car at the same price, or even more expensive despite a higher mileage? This is the unprecedented consequence of soaring prices in the United States. “It’s a totally new trend” which is not about […]

Hospitals and clinics are struggling to adapt to the 5th wave

Public and private phosphorize with the approach of the presidential election to propose an overhaul of the health system. With 23,300 Covid patients currently treated in health establishments, including 4,000 patients in intensive care, the situation remains tense. “Hospital pressure remains very strong and could exceed in magnitude that of the first wave, alerted Wednesday […]

prices soared 7% in 2021, highest inflation since 1982

This is a major concern for Joe Biden, who has promised to stop this spiral. Consumer prices in the United States rose 7% over the year 2021, recording their strongest rise since June 1982, a major concern for President Joe Biden who has promised to stem this spiral. Read alsoPersistent inflation worries Germany In December […]

China more than ever determined to break the Airbus-Boeing duopoly

DECRYPTION – Despite the difficulties, Beijing is working to become a major in commercial aeronautics. Scheduled for the end of 2021, the certification of the C919, China’s first medium-haul aircraft, has been postponed again. Comac, its manufacturer, is continuing the test flights. On January 2, he justified the delay by the «double impact» of the […]

How patients would improve the healthcare system

Making prevention a priority, France Assos Santé proposes a tax on harmful products, such as alcohol. If during the health crisis, we heard a lot from caregivers and public authorities, the voice of patients was less effective … However, they have their say within the framework of a true health democracy, associating patients with health […]