nurses denounce a blow of plane on their visits

The main liberal nurses union denounces the “Accounting logic” of the government, which wishes to limit the cost of their visits to the homes of the elderly, in an open letter to Emmanuel Macron published Tuesday, September 21 in the regional press. Read alsoFour in ten nurses want to change jobs The National Federation of […]

shortages are on the rise in the United States and the United Kingdom

Catering, transport, construction: sectors that require difficult hours have the greatest difficulty in recruiting staff. In the United States, the airline company Delta Airlines had to cancel in April nearly a hundred flights in one weekend, due to insufficient flight crew. In east London, the Italian restaurant Ombra has resigned itself to closing two days […]

towards a new lean protocol

The new measures sent to the social partners and which have yet to be formalized provide in particular the possibility for employees to have lunch at six around a table. While employees will soon be able to gradually return to their workplace, company restaurants are preparing to welcome them for lunch. Read also :Collective catering […]

Unions still skeptical about the financing of complementary health

By 2026, public employers will pay 50% of the mutual fund for all employees, but without benefiting from additional credits. It has been in effect since February 18. The ordinance provided for by the Civil Service Transformation Act of 2019 was published in Official newspaper, and the 5.6 million civil servants will now benefit from […]

Pfizer acclaimed and AstraZeneca shunned by Europe

Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton said the contract with AstraZeneca had not yet been renewed after June. The enthusiasm for the BioNtech-Pfizer vaccine continues. Ursula von der Leyen announced on Saturday the signing of a third contract with the American group for the supply of 1.8 billion doses in 2022/2023, including 900 million in option. “We […]

Economic euphoria wins deconfined New York

REPORTAGE – Activities are gradually resuming thanks to massive vaccinations and health improvements. At New York New York, the sleeping beauty, had not seen this for sixteen months: Manhattan transformed into a vibrating beehive, its arteries again congested, the noria of sirens and horns, Broadway and its shops, between Canal Street and Union Square, taken […]

At the start of 2021, worrying signals on the front of business failures

If the decline in the number of failures continues, in the first quarter, other indicators are more worrying, according to Altares. Will the anesthesia caused by the infusion of public aid soon come to an end? In its quarterly report on business failures published on Wednesday, the Altares firm presents a mixed picture of the […]

New York, new major trading port

With the extension of the Panama Canal, the American city and the major ports on the East Coast can accommodate huge container ships coming directly from China. A 366-meter-long mastodon, loaded with 14,400 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) containers, was due to enter New York Bay this Thursday morning, marking the start of a new era for […]

New York City to Ban Foie Gras in the Name of Animal Welfare

Even if the dishes sold in America are produced locally, the French industry fears bad global publicity. At New York Vigil of arms at FĂ©lix’s, one of Manhattan’s most famous French restaurants, on West Broadway. From here a few hours, this Wednesday, the City of New York will vote a moratorium on the foie gras. […]

London and New York, favorite cities for expatriates

Working in these two big cities is often seen as fulfilling by expats. It also serves as a springboard for their careers. Paris is appreciated for its quality of life. Overview of the cities preferred by expatriates. Expats like to work at London and New York. These two cities, dynamic and cosmopolitan, are acclaimed by […]