Congress to temporarily raise US debt ceiling

The United States’ debt limit will be raised by $ 480 billion, allowing the country to honor its payments until December. The US House of Representatives is due to vote on Tuesday in favor of raising the US debt ceiling until December, an expected respite in an endless and stressful saga for the world’s largest […]

Paris, a laboratory for degrowth?

DECRYPTION – The capital seems to have difficulty recovering from the consequences of the confinements. Is Paris still a party? In a sense, yes; the capital’s nightlife has taken off again and Anne Hidalgo won the UN Global Climate Action Award. For the rest, the atmosphere turns rather gray. The experience of cramped confinements, the […]

The United States will not fail on October 18

The threat of default is postponed until December. The United States’ default, with catastrophic financial and economic consequences, will not take place on October 18. It seemed unlikely, but persistent blockages in Congress made the threat real. It is now postponed to the beginning of December. The Republican Senate leaders in Washington reached an agreement […]

High-end real estate boom in the United States

STORY – With the Covid-19, as early as the spring of 2020, wealthy Americans sought to move to larger homes, generally further from urban centers Washington correspondent The historic surge in US real estate prices in recent months has slowed down somewhat. However, the policy of the Federal Reserve promises to fuel the demand of […]

Thibaud Lenoir tells the story of Katxi Klothing, a “childhood dream”

STORY – Imagined by friends on school benches, the brand of “Basque kulture, local kustomisation and eko-responsible clothing” took off in 2015, appealing to Intersport, Galeries Lafayette and Decathlon. In Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) “At business school, we teach that you should never start a business with your friends and even less hire them, recalls Thibaud Lenoir. […]

GDP growth of 6.6% in the 2nd quarter at an annualized rate

The reopening of the economy and the checks distributed by the Biden administration boosted consumption by Americans. The GDP growth of the United States amounted to 6.6% in the second quarter, on an annualized basis, a little more than initially estimated, according to the second estimate of the Commerce Department released Thursday. Read alsoUnited States: […]

Economic euphoria takes over deconfined New York

REPORTAGE – Activities are gradually resuming thanks to massive vaccinations and health improvements. At New York New York, the sleeping beauty, had not seen this for sixteen months: Manhattan transformed into a vibrant hive, its arteries again congested, the noria of sirens and horns, Broadway and its shops, between Canal Street and Union Square, taken […]

in the United States, getting the vaccine can pay off big

DECRYPTION – From shotguns to million dollars, American companies and public actors are increasing the offers to promote vaccination. With mixed results. It could only happen in the United States. To boost the vaccination campaign, some states and companies are organizing very specific lotteries. The cost of entry: a vaccination certificate. One way for public […]

surprise rise in weekly unemployment benefit claims

Between June 27 and July 3, 373,000 people applied for benefits. Weekly claims for unemployment benefits are on the rise in the United States, contradicting analysts’ expectations and showing that the labor market remains feverish, according to data released Thursday by the Department of Labor. Read also :USA: growth in activity in services slowed more […]