Watch when the rain turns to snow

Winter arrives on a Wednesday in January. Yordanovden and Ivanovden will be warm with daytime temperatures ranging from 8 to 12 degrees in the extreme southern regions of the country. On the morning of January 7, negative temperatures are expected in the western regions, but rapidly increasing. No rainfall is forecast. From Monday the weather […]

This terrifies Earthlings, a portrait of a snowless European winter

International photo News – Reuters, AP Photo, CNBC Indonesia 06 January 2023 06:40 This winter has become something unusual in Europe. The weather was warmer, there wasn’t even snow. This phenomenon also occurs in Germany to Switzerland. More pictures MORE ON DETIKNETWORK

Mediterranean cyclone reverses spring weather…

The likelihood of precipitation will increase as the month progresses, Stoycheva predicts “We are moving towards warmer seasons. There is a trend winter to be late, but to last longer and to have longer snowNIMH’s Anastasia Stoycheva told BNR. We welcomed the year with much hotter than normal temperatures for January. We had 20 degrees […]

Weather Balkans with a surprising weather forecast: It’s snowing b…

From today a new turning point in time awaits us. Snow may fall, but not in Bulgaria, but in northern Romania and Hungary. This is according to the prediction of Meteo Balcani forecasters. Scattered clouds will prevail during the day of January 5th. Around noon a south-west wind will blow and temperatures will rise. The […]

Snow, cold and ice in the live ticker: Car slides on embankment due to ice

Freezing rain turns northern roads and trails into chutes Frost also made roads and sidewalks slippery in Schleswig-Holstein on Monday. The rescue service in the districts of Stormarn and the Duchy of Lauenburg is constantly in use, said the Bad Oldesloe operations center in the district of Stormarn. He called on citizens to avoid unnecessary […]

Dangerous weather in January, is the snow finally coming?

January will be with higher temperatures than climate norms and less rainfall. That’s what NIMH meteorologist Anastasiya Stoycheva said. We cannot speak of real winter, but there will be invasions of cold and in northern Bulgaria and in the high valleys the rain will turn into snow. With January warmer and drier, winter is likely […]

YouTube star and rally driver Ken Block dies in a snowmobile accident

03/01/2023 Updated at 14:14 This feature is for subscribers only subscribe The professional rally driver Ken Blockwho later became an internet sensation with his daring stunts behind the wheel, has died at the age of 55 after a snowmobile accident, his Hoonigan Racing team said on Monday. “With our deepest regret, we can confirm that […]

flood images

At least two people have died in California due to the serious consequences of storms plaguing the western United States. Torrential and heavy rains snowfall to have caused floods and landslides, and left more than 8,000 people without electricity. And the storm isn’t over, as it is now threatening Arkansas and Texas with tornadoes. The […]

Jeremy Renner, in critical condition: terrible accident with a snowplow

Barcelona. Monday 2 January 2023. 11:38 american actor Jeremy Renner He is in critical condition after suffering a serious accident near his home while he was clearing snow accumulated by the major winter storm that hit the United States in recent days. What do we know? Two-time Oscar-nominated actor, very popular for playing superhero Hawk […]