Dangerous weather in January, is the snow finally coming?

January will be with higher temperatures than climate norms and less rainfall. That’s what NIMH meteorologist Anastasiya Stoycheva said.

We cannot speak of real winter, but there will be invasions of cold and in northern Bulgaria and in the high valleys the rain will turn into snow.

With January warmer and drier, winter is likely to be drier as well, but most of it is yet to come, the meteorologist told BNT.

And this morning the temperatures in the mountains are positive – only in Musala is it -1 degree. Snowfall is expected in the mountains next week. Dry weather also awaits us in the week from 9 to 16 January.

Even if it doesn’t rain now, after the sun has gone down the humidity condenses on the roads and makes them slippery:

“At nighttime, as soon as the temperatures start to approach freezing, even if they are above it, it becomes dangerous to drive, so let’s pay attention to that as well,” Anastasia Stoycheva urged.

Temperature deviations last December are quite high for the season. However, this is not a concern, as our country rarely falls into the norm, he stressed.

In December, rainfall in our country was low, in many regions, 20 and 50% below climatic norms. Many parts of Europe have also been quite warm, but temperatures are already dropping in the western part of the continent.

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