Severe Weather in Bavaria: Flight Cancellations at Munich Airport Due to Black Ice Warning

Severe Weather in Bavaria: Flight Cancellations at Munich Airport Due to Black Ice Warning

Particularly on Wednesday mornings, caution is advised in Bavaria due to slippery conditions. Munich Airport is therefore canceling flights from Stuttgart to Munich. These are scenes that are reminiscent of last December: Due to snowfall and the risk of black ice, there will be restrictions at Munich Airport on Wednesday. The background is a severe … Read more

Two buses were also recovered – a busy December 1st for the fire brigades in the Gmünd district

Two buses were also recovered – a busy December 1st for the fire brigades in the Gmünd district

By 7 p.m. on December 1st, the emergency services were called to more than 20 vehicle rescues in all parts of the district between Bad Großpertholz, Kirchberg/Walde and Reingers. The Lauterbach fire department alone had to respond three times within an hour in the Moorbad Harbach municipal area late in the morning. Bus without passengers. … Read more

Code yellow in almost the entire country due to slipperiness

Melvin MolewijkSnow on streets and paths in Assen late Friday evening NOS News•today, 01:40 In all Dutch provinces except Zeeland, code yellow applies until 10 a.m. on Saturday morning for slipperiness. The KNMI issues the warning due to snow residues, snowfall and freezing of wet road sections since midnight. According to the KNMI, traffic and … Read more

Snow and ice in the south, trucks on the A2 near Eindhoven

SQ Vision NOS News•today, 06:43•Amended today, 06:54 Accidents have happened in several places in the country. The KNMI had already declared code yellow due to expected slipperiness. Indeed, it is slippery in several places. In North Brabant and Limburg, among others, people woke up with a layer of snow of a few centimeters. This also … Read more

Snow, cold and ice in the live ticker: Car slides on embankment due to ice

Freezing rain turns northern roads and trails into chutes Frost also made roads and sidewalks slippery in Schleswig-Holstein on Monday. The rescue service in the districts of Stormarn and the Duchy of Lauenburg is constantly in use, said the Bad Oldesloe operations center in the district of Stormarn. He called on citizens to avoid unnecessary … Read more

Heated cycle path not resistant to intense frost

WOS extension In collaboration with Transmission in the West ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 1:58 pm Heating a cycle path with a pipe system: it seems to be a good solution against slipperiness and falls with the bicycle. Experiments with it were conducted between Poeldijk and The Hague, but the system could not withstand last week’s frost. Part of … Read more

Slipperiness leads to record number of broken bones this weekend

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 12:44 He’s never been busier in the ER than last weekend. This was due to the slipperiness the Netherlands had to contend with. Several hospitals say they have treated a record number of bone fractures. In the Haga hospital in The Hague, 243 people arrived in the emergency room on Friday, if … Read more

KNMI warns of slipperiness, code orange in the west and north

Region15 ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 20:16•Edited today, 20:59 The KNMI has for the western and northern provinces code orange released. There will be some rain tonight, which can make it dangerously slippery. It can also be locally slippery in other parts of the country. Rijkswaterstaat says salt spreaders are used, but road users need to be careful. Reports … Read more

Showers to the north and west can lead to icy conditions locally

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 10.55pm•Edited today, 04:59 In the north and west of the country, showers with rain or (wet) snow may have led to icy conditions locally. The KNMI previously issued code yellow for these parts of the country. Reports of slippery roads came particularly from the Haarlem region last night, says an ANWB spokesperson. … Read more

KNMI warns of slipperiness in the northeast and fog in Utrecht

SPS average ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 06:27 The KNMI warns of slipperiness in the north-east of the country due to freezing wet road sections. There may also be remnants of snow in some places that freeze. The yellow code was issued for the provinces of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and Flevoland, valid until 09:00. Sprinklers have been deployed … Read more