NIMH with terrible news for everyone who is near the beach MAP

As BLIC has already written, the weather in the new week will really be pretty crazy. This is evidenced by the yellow code for strong winds, which is in force for 6 districts in the country for September 6. This is indicated by a reference on the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and […]

Is it summer? Huge danger loomed over these 5 areas MAP

Today there will be significant clouds over Southern Bulgaria, and around and in the afternoon and over the North there will be cumulonimbus and cumulonimbus. There will be short-term, temporarily intense rainfall, accompanied by thunderstorms. In places in Southwestern Bulgaria and the Rhodopes the precipitation will be significant in quantity. There are conditions for hail. […]

A weather forecaster predicts a nightmare in these 14 districts of Bulgaria on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the wind from the west-northwest will intensify, the maximum temperatures will be between 19 ° and 24 °. This was announced by the weather forecaster on duty Hristo Hristov from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH). Atmospheric pressure will slowly rise and in the evening will approach the average for the […]

Winter is coming back today, great danger looms over … MAP

The next day will remain cloudy, rainfall will continue and in many places will be significant. During the day on Monday there will be thunderstorm activity in some areas; hail is possible. Atmospheric pressure is close to the average for the month and will decrease. By the evening the rain will weaken, in some places […]

Monday’s weather is getting worse, this is where it will snow MAP

During the night it was mostly cloudy over Bulgaria. Such will be the weather today, as in many places from west to east there will be short-term rainfall. The wind will be light, in the Danube plain – to a moderate wind from east-northeast. The minimum temperatures in the morning will be between 4 ° […]

Snow hell and an anomaly from the Sahara hit Bulgaria for hours MAP

In some places, the rain on Monday – March 22, may be colored by dust coming from the Sahara. This was warned by the NIMH. It is more probable that there will be colored precipitation over Southern Bulgaria. The wind is expected to intensify on Monday and more rain and snow will fall. Here is […]

A Mediterranean cyclone brings a snow apocalypse MAP

The weather on Sunday will be affected by a Mediterranean cyclone, which will move from the Gulf of Sirte to the northeast to the Balkan Peninsula, creating a rainy environment. The weather will be cloudy, in most parts of the country, except for the northeastern regions, there will be precipitation from rain, and in the […]