Demonstrators smash windows in Portland despite winter storm

Portland protest on Feb 12, 2021 (Portland Police photo) PORTLAND, Pray – A protest ended with broken windows and vandalized buildings in downtown Portland. Portland police said more than 30 protesters gathered at Director Park Friday night and marched to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) headquarters. Authorities reported that the protest caused a delay in […]

Alsea (Vips, Starbucks) closes all its Wagamama Asian food restaurants

02/09/2020 05:00 – Updated: 09/02/2020 13:57 Ahead of Alsea Iberia, the restaurant group that operates chain restaurants such as Vips, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza The Foster’s Hollywood, has definitively closed its Asian food restaurants Wagamama. Group sources confirm the closure: “Alsea Spain has decided not proceed to reopening of the three Wagamama restaurants that operated in […]

“Winter Parade” instead of Christmas in Charleston? | DOMRADIO.DE

Charleston, West Virginia, is planning a “winter parade” open to all religions for this year. The mayor said goodbye to the traditional Christmas festival. But then everything turned out differently. The angel actually proclaimed peace on earth. But in the United States, Christmas causes little festive controversy every year. This time a battle took place […]

Police Call Location of CCTV Starbucks Peek Breasts in North Jakarta

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Central Jakarta Metro Abang Police Station investigates the location of Starbucks employee actions suspected of peeking at customer employees through the monitoring of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Tanah Abang Metro Police Chief AKBP M Jauhari said from the search results it was known that the incident occurred at a Starbucks outlet […]

Facebook is losing more advertisers. Pepsi or Starbucks are leaving

At the moment, there are more than 160 companies that are boycotting the social network Facebook. These include the American telecommunications company Verizon Communications, Coca-Cola and the global giant Unilever. The producer of the famous drink stated that it intends to “fight” against Facebook for 30 days, Unilever wants to last until the end of […]