Know before you check! We know the TC-Scan and MRI machines.

How are CT-Scan VS MRI the same or different? It was compiled here. Due to the fact that modern technology has been applied in multiple medical applications. especially diagnosis This will allow doctors to diagnose patients more accurately. And the technology we’re going to talk about today is CT and MRI. Many people may already […]

Antonio Resines, on the covid: “He has a very attentive affection for me”

Antonio Resines contracted covid again this week, although this time it was much milder than the first time, when he was hospitalized in intensive care for 36 days. With his usual humor, the actor joked about the covid “Has a very attentive affection for him”, but it is “running out”. He said this in a […]

I just used for the CAT test, when will the technique be up-to-date? |

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Up for grabs free 4th quality classes for each training course |

Urgent Announcement Who needs a cost-free training course? Just fill out the variety. Download it for no cost for M. 4 classes for each and every system by July 3-6 only 65. variety website link: with the situation is 1. Fill in the information in truth. and can only be crammed in at the […]

DHF scenarios raise, 6 Ciamis residents lifeless

awesome – Conditions of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in Ciamis Regency, West Java, have seen a major improve of up to 73% around past 12 months. In August 2022, the Ciamis Well being Authority registered 594 instances. 6 of them also died. The head of the P2P Division of the Ciamis Healthcare Company, Acep Joni, […]