What’s to watch on CCC Go, Netflix and HBO

CCC GO Troop of heroes (hbo, 1:55 pm) Tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after September 11, 2001. Under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work alongside an Afghan warlord to defeat the Taliban. Mozart’s sister (film & arts, at 22) Child prodigy, Nannerl Mozart is […]

Jaquelina Pamela Ricarte Tobares arrives at the virtual cycle “History and Poetry”

It will be broadcast at 20:00 on the social networks of the San Francisco del Monte de Oro Cultural Center. This Wednesday at 20:00, the San Francisco Cultural Center will broadcast the Cycle of “History and Poetry” through its social networks Facebook and YouTube. On this occasion, the protagonist will be Jaquelina Pamela Ricarte Tobares, […]

A ruling orders awareness-raising tasks in Florida

On January 1, during the New Year celebrations, a young woman was ambushed when she was returning to her home in the El Bosque neighborhood of La Florida, in the town of Cruz Alta. The young woman passed some neighbors on her block who were consuming alcohol and who, upon seeing her, attacked her. One […]

Knowing the details of the soil is key to the success of any crop

The Soils and Plant Nutrition section of the Obispo Colombres Agroindustrial Experimental Station (Eeaoc) works on the study and mapping of soils in the sugarcane area of ​​Tucumán, with the aim of offering the productive environment of the province detailed information on this resource. Among the partial results of this work, sectors with different availability […]

Park Plan: they work in different areas of the province

The crews of the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure carry out tasks on the margins of the Comechingones Highway and Route No. 10, and on the Terrazas del Portezuelo property. The Landscaping Plan includes the planting of tree and shrub species, and the development of a fertilization and maintenance system with permanent irrigation in […]

They carried out a voluntary blood and bone marrow collection in Villa de Merlo

During the morning of Wednesday, a new voluntary collection of blood and bone marrow was carried out, within the framework of the World Blood Donor Day that was celebrated on June 14. The activity was organized by the San Luis Blood Bank and coordinated by the Hemotherapy Service of the “Madre Catalina Rodríguez” Hospital. Eighteen […]

Son Heung starred in Ralph Lauren’s Wimbledon commercial

The Tottenham player, Son Heung-min starred in advertising of Ralph Lauren from Wimbledon, where the footballers can be seen wearing exclusive brand clothing. The 28-year-old Korean striker sported a stylish blue blazer during the photoshoot, as well as a stylish V-neck wool sweater previously worn by players like Roger Federer. For his part, the Lions […]

What to see in CCC Go, Qubit, Paramount +, Mubi and Cine.ar Play

CCC GO Brigade A: the magnificent ones (Star Action, at 19.40) A team of former special agents, veterans of the Iraq war, are blamed for a murder they did not commit. By turning to the side of the rogue, they harness their unique talents to clear their names and find the real culprit. It is […]

Irrigation equipment and its maintenance

“The maintenance and operation of pressurized irrigation equipment is an extremely important aspect in the correct management of a citrus plantation,” he said. Francisco Sosa, technician of the Obispo Colombres Agroindustrial Experimental Station (Eeaoc). He added that supplemental pressurized irrigation in the citrus plantations of Tucumán constitutes an agronomic practice that helps stabilize year-on-year production, […]