The ‘pink tide’ claims in Zaragoza the prevention of breast cancer | Saragossa

A total of 9,000 people are participating this Sunday, November 7, in the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race to “flood” the streets of the Aragonese capital with pink, one of the eight Spanish cities participating in this initiative to vindicate the prevention of breast cancer. Laughter, emotion and music from the 80s They have kicked […]

Mario Hinojosa and Toni Tello at the Teatro de la Estación | Books | Our culture

It is ‘Poetry Thursdays’ in the Station Theater are the poets Mario Hinojosa and Toni Tello. Since last year, the Zaragoza space has hosted this long-lived cycle once a month, and important poets from our community and the national sphere meet there. Co-organized with the Instituto de Estudios Turolenses and with the collaboration of the […]

‘Wormhole’ delves into the science of WhatsApp with Jorge Asín | Press room

The most refreshing science outreach program on Aragón TV, ‘Wormhole’, will talk this Monday (10pm) about an application that has become essential for most people: WhatsApp. It is science magazine, led by popularizer and chemist, Guillermo Orduña, will combine science and entertainment to show how this app has revolutionized communication. The scientist and stand-up writer […]

Pollution kills more than traffic accidents | News

Every year, More people die from polluted air than from traffic accidents or high-incidence diseases such as breast or prostate cancer. Pollution is already considered the leading cause of preventable death and nine out of ten people are exposed to it. Pollutants enter our body through the nose and mouth and, if they overcome the […]

San José residents oppose the sale of the land from the old Alumalsa factory | News

The San José Neighborhood Association and the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Zaragoza (FABZ) have taken to the streets this Sunday in protest against the sale of municipal land from the old Alumalsa factory. Neighbors have demanded that these lands be used for the construction of 106 municipal rental housing, the execution of public facilities […]

Cinema with Aragonese stamp triumphs at the Nantes Spanish Film Festival | Press room

Cinema with the Aragonese stamp has shone at the latest edition of the Nantes Spanish Film Festival. Three films participated in by Aragón TV have been distinguished in this prestigious festival: ‘Armugán’, ‘Girls’ and ‘One for all’. The movie ‘Armugán ‘, rounded by Jo Sol in the Aragonese Pyrenees, he has won the Julio Verne […]