The ‘pink tide’ claims in Zaragoza the prevention of breast cancer | Saragossa

A total of 9,000 people are participating this Sunday, November 7, in the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race to “flood” the streets of the Aragonese capital with pink, one of the eight Spanish cities participating in this initiative to vindicate the prevention of breast cancer. Laughter, emotion and music from the 80s They have kicked […]

Mario Hinojosa and Toni Tello at the Teatro de la Estación | Books | Our culture

It is ‘Poetry Thursdays’ in the Station Theater are the poets Mario Hinojosa and Toni Tello. Since last year, the Zaragoza space has hosted this long-lived cycle once a month, and important poets from our community and the national sphere meet there. Co-organized with the Instituto de Estudios Turolenses and with the collaboration of the […]

One million Aragonese already have the complete vaccine schedule

A nurse vaccinates a woman against covid at the Bombarda health center in Zaragoza. ANDREEA VORNICU One million people in Aragon, which represents 75% of the population residing in the community, anda have received the full schedule of the vaccine against covid. Just over eight months after starting the immunization campaign in Spain, the community […]

less monthly fee and minimum interest

The sale of homes has come back to life in recent months, in which experts consider that Aragon has managed to overcome the break in the crisis caused by covid-19 and even reach 2010 figures. anus 9,368 operations have been signed, 4.75% more and 67% applied for a mortgage. People who have signed a mortgage […]

‘Wormhole’ delves into the science of WhatsApp with Jorge Asín | Press room

The most refreshing science outreach program on Aragón TV, ‘Wormhole’, will talk this Monday (10pm) about an application that has become essential for most people: WhatsApp. It is science magazine, led by popularizer and chemist, Guillermo Orduña, will combine science and entertainment to show how this app has revolutionized communication. The scientist and stand-up writer […]

Pollution kills more than traffic accidents | News

Every year, More people die from polluted air than from traffic accidents or high-incidence diseases such as breast or prostate cancer. Pollution is already considered the leading cause of preventable death and nine out of ten people are exposed to it. Pollutants enter our body through the nose and mouth and, if they overcome the […]

Two Aragonese are presented to the NBA draft

The day when an Aragonese set foot in the best basketball league in the world is one step closer. Zaragoza’s Carlos Alocén and Jaime Pradilla have signed up for the 2021 NBA draft, the entrance hall to the prestigious American championship. The event, in which the franchises choose the following players who will make up […]

The Aragonese families have recovered 120 million when they sue for the floor clauses

The Aragonese families have recovered 120 million euros by claiming the amounts paid for the floor clauses from financial institutions declared abusive by the Court of Justice of the European Union at the end of 2016. This has been stated by the Director General of Justice, María Ángeles Júlvez, in a monographic appearance in the […]

“It’s very frustrating that the British go and I can’t go anyway”

Spain has opened its doors to travelers from the UK since this week. As happened in the previous de-escalation of the covid-19 pandemic, last summer, the opening has not been the same in both senses. The British, with 70% of their population vaccinated, do not need PCR to come and do not have to go […]