Putin at the G20 summit named the main risks for the world :: Politics :: RBC

Vladimir Putin (Photo: Alexey Nikolsky / TASS) Mass unemployment and poverty remain the main risks to the world, President Vladimir Putin said at the virtual G20 summit. “The main risk, of course, remains the likelihood, despite some positive signals, the main risk will still remain massive long-term, so-called stagnant mass unemployment. With the subsequent growth […]

Poverty: Does Education Help? (neue-deutschland.de)

Some will not want to admit it, deny it or belittle it. But the current poverty report makes it clear: Poverty in Germany reached a negative record in 2019. Around 13.2 million people lived in poverty last year, the highest figure in 30 years. This emerges from the poverty report published on Friday by the […]

World Children’s Day – Caritas Secretary General for International Programs, Andreas Knapp: “We need a worldwide Covid-19 education offensive”

Knapp: “Children who live in poverty are threatened with negative consequences for life. Children need access to education, protection from violence and exploitation and adequate health care. “ Vienna (OTS) – On the occasion of World Children’s Day on November 20, Caritas General Secretary for International Programs, Andreas Knapp, warns of the effects of the […]

Expert: “Corona does not increase poverty, but decreases”

Income inequality in our country and poverty will not increase due to the corona crisis, but will probably decrease slightly. That says economist and poverty expert Ive Marx (UAntwerpen). Professor Ive Marx would “not be surprised” if it later turned out that the corona crisis has reduced the income gap in our country and relative […]

In Switzerland, workers will be paid Rp. 60.6 million per month

JENEWA, KOMPAS.com – Swiss, to be precise in the city of Geneva, will give wage minimum workers you must be 23 franc swiss or 25 US dollars, the equivalent of approximately Rp. 370,000 (exchange rate of Rp. 14,800) per hour. This means that for a month, workers in the City of Geneva will receive wages […]

Oil fields dry up, Timor Leste is predicted to be bankrupt in 2027, Ambassador asks the ruling elite to immediately turn their brains: otherwise we will run out of money – all pages

Collage of Timor Lests Flag and Pos Kupang Xanana Gusmao’s collage and the Timor Leste flag. Gridhot.ID – Effort Timor Leste to get out of poverty seems stunted. Timor Leste is expected to continue to decline financial the result resource the oil continues to decrease. Launching Rnz.co.nz, the New Zeland-based media said, Timor Leste could […]