Twitter troll accounts posing as migrants to spread hate

“Moroccan migration in Granada” o “MENA without parents, I want to live better”. This is how two Twitter troll accounts that pose as migrants living in Spain are defined in his biography. At the same time, they share content stating that they have thrown away food donated by NGOs, refused a room offered by a […]

Here’s a Portrait of Life in the World’s Poorest Countries

Jakarta – Poverty is a social problem that is always present and becomes a polemic in various countries, including Indonesia. Unfortunately, several countries have fallen into extreme poverty to the point where they are called the poorest countries in the world. Call it Burundi which is the poorest country in the world. Based on notes […]

Killed by poverty and cancer… Salwa al-Hayek is a new victim of the crisis

Mrs. Salwa Al-Hayek (55 years old) did not expect to beg for her medicine to fight breast cancer before it spread to her bones. And that was after her supplication was that God would cover her poverty with wellness, and she had been struggling for many years to secure her daily sustenance, but she found […]

Availability: A man in a suit gets more money

The startling sight — a man in a business suit collecting for the homeless — probably wasn’t the reason, they continue to write. Because then one would have expected passers-by to react in other ways, for example by saying something to him. But it didn’t happen. In fact, a follow-up survey showed that the supplicant […]

An unknown benefactor distributes money to the IJmond Food Bank

NH News In collaboration with NH News ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 15:53 An unknown benefactor distributed money to Banco Alimentare IJmond. He left a total of 170 envelopes, each containing 50 euros. A hand written note inside the envelope reads “Live and let live and a healthy 2023”. Marjolein Zandbergen of Food Bank IJmond knows the generous donor […]