We need a master plan for early childhood education

September 17, 2021 at 5:10 am Guest contribution by Renate Harnacke : Why Mönchengladbach needs a master plan for early childhood education Children’s painting with a kindergarten teacher. Photo: Lars Fröhlich Mönchengladbach Every third child in the city grows up in poverty. Many of them lack coordination and language skills before starting school. Our guest […]

A life as a bailiff | BoDoï, comic book explorer

SERIE A bailiff’s life DRAWER (S) SCRIPT (S) EDITOR (S) PRICE 19.90 € RELEASE DATE 07/04/2021 EAN 2330149492 Purchase : A little by chance, Dav Guedin got his hands on the diaries of a distant cousin of his father, who had just committed suicide. A gold mine and sordid: the offspring of a poor and […]

Number of hungry children decreases in US thanks to Biden measures, study finds

The emergency family assistance plan, pushed by the Biden administration and in effect since March, appears to be producing its first positive effects with a drop in the number of children suffering from food insufficiency, according to a study published this week by the Bureau of Statistics. Read also :Biden’s America seeks its place in […]

Results 06.08: New surge and control of income

Coronavirus incidence on the rise again in the world The Delta strain attacks. The number of new cases is on the rise worldwide; The authorities will be aware of all the income of domestic tax residents abroad. Korrespondent.net highlights the main events of yesterday. Coronavirus incidence on the rise again in the world In the […]

State Statistics Service: 67% of Ukrainians called themselves poor

36.6% denied themselves basic necessities, except food Only one percent of the citizens surveyed identified themselves as the middle class. But it was not possible to identify rich Ukrainians. In Ukraine, two-thirds of the citizens surveyed (67.1%) identified themselves as poor. Most Ukrainians have named the amount of more than 22 thousand hryvnia per month, […]

The first semester closes in Reus with 70% of the eviction orders stopped

The crisis derived from Covid-19 has put many people on the tightrope who, before the pandemic, did not have enough resources to have a decent life. In the first six months of 2021, 142 eviction orders have been issued, of which 30 have been fulfilled, and the remaining 102 have been stopped. Of these 102 […]

UN releases new report on comprehensive sexuality education

Despite the progress made in sexuality education in some countries, too many still cannot provide children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure their health and well-being. This is what the new United Nations report on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) reveals. Too often teachers are unprepared and students do not […]

Italy has record poverty since 2005

Italy has a record poverty rate since 2005 More than 5.6 million Italian citizens lived in absolute poverty in 2020, the local statistical office calculated. In Italy, the number of people living in absolute poverty in 2020 was the highest since 2005, that is, since the beginning of the calculation. This was announced by the […]

Gender and poverty | Opinion

We have just learned about two of the Princess of Asturias Awards. Gloria Steinem (Toledo, Ohio, 87 years old), 2021 Communication and Humanities Prize. Amartya Sen (Santiniketan, India, 87 years old), 2021 Social Sciences Prize. They coincide not only in their age, but also that they are both iconic, fundamental figures that every great cause […]

In Iraq, child labor increases further with the Covid-19 crisis

Published on : 12/06/2021 – 11:54 This Saturday June 12 marks the World Day against Child Labor. According to the latest estimates, around 160 million children are working worldwide today, an increase of 8.4 million over the past four years. In Iraq, the number of child laborers continues to rise, due to conflict, forced displacement, […]