China tested a missile that struck every point on Earth in minutes

Beijing denies NATO is expanding its operations against it China has tested a nuclear hypersonic missile that could hit any point on Earth in minutes, the Financial Times reported. U.S. government sources say the superweapon is moving at 21,000 miles per hour in low orbit and would make U.S. missile defense useless. A special hypersonic […]

Thor: That’s why Marvel wanted to kick Chris Hemsworth out – News 2021

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth almost lost one of his most famous roles: Thor, the Norse god of thunder and hero from Valhalla. The reason for that would have been pretty silly: His appearance in Dancing With The Stars in Australia. What we have learned about the situation, we tell you in this text. Chris Hemsworth […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator may be coming to Xbox One

Does Flight Simulator fly to Xbox One, or is it a mistake? That’s the question we have after a new review from PEGI. Pan European Game Information (PEGI) has Microsoft Flight Simulator assessed for Xbox One. According to the review, the game should have been released on March 31, 2021, which of course it wasn’t. […]

This Superman comic has sold nearly the equivalent of 45 Alphard

NEW YORK, – One of the few copies funny who introduced Superman to the world has been sold at a very high price. Funny Superman is named Action Comics #1 was sold for 3.25 million dollars United States of America (AS) or the equivalent of IDR 47,335 billion in personal sales. Also read: Nakayosi […]

Scarlett Johansson doesn’t make films for fear of a pandemic

Released 04.04.2021 11:43 COVID-19 continues to hold the world tight: Many industries are still affected by the pandemic. Postponements of start dates for films and shooting have become a habit. Marvel actress Scarlett Johansson doesn’t want to go back to work for now either. We tell you here what reasons she has for this. The […]

Star Wars Comics, Hawkeye, Ghost World | Plastic | Hertz 87.9

Bounty hunters like “Boba Fett” are popular characters in the Star Wars films. The anti-heroes got even more attention with the series “The Mandalorian” on the streaming service “Disney +”. Comic fan Florian Polkoswki presents the comic “Bounty Hunter I – For a Handful of Credits”. Well-known Star Wars characters and new bounty hunters appear […]

Panic Button would like to port Valheim to the Switch

Developer Panic Button would like to develop a Nintendo Switch version of the Steam hit Valheim. Dan Hernberg, the head of production at Panic Button, has reported against Nintendo Life. The website recently spoke with the developer, who is also responsible for the Switch version of Apex Legends. “I’m not sure this is my pick […]

US Approves Microsoft Acquisition of Bethesda

The US Securities and Exchange Commission approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda (and parent company ZeniMax) yesterday. Last year, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire ZeniMax, the parent company of studios such as Bethesda, id Software and Tango Gameworks, for $ 7.5 billion. However, such acquisitions must first be globally approved. This acquisition has now been […]

Remedy is working on four new games and ports for Control

Remedy is busy making new games. In total, four teams are working on five games. Remedy Entertainment is working on five different games. That is what CEO Tero Virtala says in one interview met Games Industry. In total, four teams are working on new games. The team behind Control is developing ports for ‘new’ services, […]

Rockstar opens the hunt for fan versions of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City

Rockstar is most likely attempting to take two impressive GTA fan projects offline. That was to be expected, but it is still a shame. Rockstar Games has filed for fan versions of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City to be taken offline. The developers report this (via Eurogamer). Recently the source code for the games, […]