10 Unusual Diabetes Symptoms Appearing on the Hands, Neck, and Mouth

KOMPAS.com – Diabetes is a condition that causes the body to be unable to produce insulin or use it effectively. Reported from Healthlineinsulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to regulate the level of glucose flowing in the blood. There are several signs that indicate a person has diabetes, such as levels blood sugar […]

Elon Musk will test human brain chips in six months Page all

KOMPAS. com – CEO Tesla Elon Musk I will test a wireless brain chip Neural connection in humans over the next six months. According to Musk, the chip will allow disabled patients to move and communicate again, quoted by Reuters. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas, Neuralink has been conducting animal […]

Singapore Finds Mysterious Acute Hepatitis Cases, How About Indonesia?

KOMPAS.com – Singapore’s Ministry of Health confirms case finding hepatitis mysterious acute disease in children on Saturday (30/4/2022). This mysterious case of acute hepatitis with no known cause was found in a 10-month-old boy. Quoted from ChanelNewsAsiaan investigation is currently underway to determine whether the case is the same as the mysterious childhood hepatitis outbreak […]

Radio Broadcasts Azan 4 Minutes Earlier, Residents Cancel Congregational Fast

KOMPAS.com – A local radio station announcer in Sabah, Malaysia broadcast azan maghrib 4 minutes earlier than scheduled. As a result, a number of netizens claimed that some citizens break fast for listening to the radio call to prayer. In an upload on his Facebook page, Mohd Safwan Junit admitted a technical error that resulted […]

How to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer, can attack men and women

KOMPAS.com – Breast cancer is a deadly disease that can affect anyone, both men and women. Knowing and recognizing breast cancer symptoms as early as possible it is better for the patient to get treatment. So that the opportunity or opportunity to recover from breast cancer could be bigger. Also read: Viral, Video of KRL […]

Lots of Websites Called Offering Money, Beware of Scams All

KOMPAS.com – Social media is being enlivened with the Swagbuck application which is said to be able to make digital money just by sharing links with the xyz domain. The information was uploaded by this Twitter account on Monday (17/1/2022). “What is this guys? so can this really be found? my friends are on their […]

This toddler buys ice cream worth Rp. 37 million with his mother’s Amazon account

KOMPAS.com – News of a four year old boy named Noah who bought ice cream character SpongeBob SquarePants worth US $ 2,618.85 or around Rp.37 million, viral on social media. Reporting from Independent, (4/5/2021), it is known that Noah is a big fan of the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. According to family information, the toddler […]