Surviving About 8,000 Years, Mammoth and Horse DNA Left in Frozen Ground and Frozen in Freezer, Makes Scientists Rewrite The Extinction of Creatures in the Ice Age, Really Slower? – All Pages

SlashGear The DNA of mammoths and wild horses from the Ice Age was left in the freezer, leading scientists to prove the extinction of these animals. – A new study reveals that ancient animals survived about 8,000 years later than previously thought. Proof DNA trapped in the ground indicates that the population mammoth and […]

Dog-sized scorpion fossil found, 435 million years old – For archaeologist recently discovered fossil scorpion (Terropterus xiushanensis) is 1 meter long or about the size of a dog, which lived about 435 million years ago. Found in China, this scorpion has spiny limbs that are thought to be used to catch prey. These predators lived during the Silurian Period, between about 443.8 […]

Ice Age Human Jawbone Found in Indonesia

Archaeologist illustration. (Shutterstock) – Tim archaeologist international find human jawbone estimated from Time Essence or Pleistocene. Jaw bone man This was found in a cave called Leang Bulu Bettue in Sulawesi southwest, Indonesia. According to the international team of archaeologists who discovered the bones, this is the first indication of human presence on Sulawesi […]

Did Dinosaurs Get Sick And Hurt Like Humans? ‘The X-Ray Story’ the forty-third overall episode of The Flintstones series in December 1961. Researchers recently revealed that T-rex struggles with parasites and suffers from gout. The short-billed hadrosaurs suffered from tumors and cancer.—Like humans, dinosaurs could fall sick and get injured. That ancient animal can suffer from toothache until gout, even cancer. […]

23,000 Years Old Fossil Footprint, Oldest Evidence of Humans Until America – All Pages

NPS, USGS, dan University of Bournemouth Recent research on ancient footprints in White Sands National Park determined that they are the earliest known evidence of humans in North America.—“Foot steps it was most likely created in soft soil at the edge of the wetlands, winds probably blew dust to the surface, causing silt deposits,” […]

Did Dinosaurs Get Sick And Hurt Like Humans? – All Pages—Like humans, dinosaurs could fall sick and get injured. That ancient animal can suffer from toothache until gout, even cancer. By detecting medical conditions in fossils, paleopathologists and experts disease ancient and injured, gained interesting insights into dinosaur behavior and evolution. They study how dinosaurs moved in their world, the relationship between predator and prey, […]

Lambeosaurus, The Duck Snout Who Lived 90 Million Years Ago

Ryuji Takasaki Lambeosaurinae in Alaksa, a visual illustration to corroborate Takasaki and team’s findings.—To archaeologist is busy in his research to uncover the species of duck-billed dinosaur, Lambeosaurus or genus Lambeosaurinae. It is estimated that this genus has spread in almost all corners of the earth, from North America, Europe, to Africa. Based on […]

The Mythical Lost Castle of Sörby Found in Sweden’s Dry Lake

Friends of Sandby borg The remains of the found ruins of the mythical Sörby Castle. myth Sörby has been rediscovered in a dry lake in Sweden after being lost for more than three centuries. Previously, castle myth this ancient is just a rumor among historians and archaeologist. Formerly, it was the largest castle on […]

Ancient Human Skeleton with Bound Hands Found in England

HS2 Human skeleton from the Iron Age with both hands tied. This man is suspected of being the victim of execution or murder.—Framework an ancient man who was facedown in a ditch with his hands tied was found in England. Para archaeologist believe that man might be a murder victim or execution on Iron […]

Examining the skeleton of a man with shackled legs, archaeologists reveal this fact

Framework illustration. (pixabay/makamuki0) – Recently, archaeologist find a framework man in an unusual form. After being found and researched, archaeologists then uncover surprising facts from the discovery of this unusual skeleton. When found, archaeologists were surprised by the ankles of this man’s skeleton which appeared to be shackled with iron sets similar to today’s […]