Blunt! Denny Siregar: Jokowi’s election was an accident

PRECISION JOURNAL – Denny Siregar, a writer and known as a supporter President Joko Widodo lately reveals various sides related to leadership President Joko Widodo. On his Youtube channel, he made a comparison between the Joko Widodo administration and the previous presidents, namely Ir. Soekarno and Suharto. This comparison is revealed by Denny Siregar from […]

O Rejecting the Law of Creating a Work, the Palace Delivers a Shocking Bad News

PRECISION JOURNAL – Travel UU Create Work or Omnibus Law has now reached the party President after previously being deposited by the Indonesian Parliament. Now it’s rumored UU the Palace has finished tidying it up. This was explained by the Spokesman President Purwono Early Law Division. Dini explained if the script UU Create Work has […]

Erick Thohir Appoints Jokowi’s Success Team to Become ITDC Commissioner

Jakarta – Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) appointed Ulin Ni’am Yusron as Independent Commissioner of PT Indonesia Tourism Development or Indonesia Tourism Development (ITDC). Appointment Ulin Yusron contained in the Decree (SK) Number: SK-319 / MBU / 10/2020 dated October 8, 2020 concerning the Dismissal and Appointment of Members of the Board of Commissioners […]

Why Does Jokowi Often Use Tesla’s Name? It turns out that these are the facts

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Jokowi has often, on several occasions, conveyed things about future developments that continue to move fast. In giving an example, Jokowi did not slightly bring up the name of the US electric car manufacturer, Tesla. Tesla is used as an example to illustrate that the world’s development is getting faster, […]

Don’t Miss! Jokowi to Lo Kheng Hong Join in this event

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) together with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI) and the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) will hold a Capital Market Summit and Expo 2020 (CMSE 2020) starting next week, 19-24 October 2020 . Project Manger CSME 2020, Erna Dewayani, in a […]

Prabowo’s cadre suspects Jokowi’s insiders for the arrest of our leader

PORTAL JEMBER – Several days ago news circulated that members and several high-ranking officials in the Coalition for the Action to Save Indonesia (WE) was detained by the police after the Job Creation Act demo. There were 8 people who were detained, where they were arrested for giving misleading information, inciting and inciting hate speech […]

Irwandi Yusuf, the ‘Lion of Aceh’ who was fired by President Jokowi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President Joko Widodo as of today, Thursday (15/10), has officially dismissed Irwandi Yusuf from his position as Governor of Aceh 2017-2022. Jokowi fired Irawandi after being named a suspect in a criminal case corruption in 2018 ago, Irwandi was convicted in the case of corruption in the Aceh Special Autonomy Fund […]