The ex-manager wants to buy part of Home Credit. He offered a billion dollars

PPF Group has been testing the sale of some of its assets for a long time. In addition to the infrastructure holding Cetin Group, it is looking for investors primarily for the Home Credit installment group. This is related to the overall transformation of the PPF Group, which wants to shift the focus of its […]

Plzeňská Škoda did not manage to take over the French train manufacturer

The French plant with around 750 employees has to be sold to Alstom, because otherwise, according to the European Commission, it would have too dominant a position on the market. The transaction between Alstom and Bomrardier will lead to the creation of the second largest rolling stock manufacturer in the world, after the Chinese giant […]

The end of PPF founder Kellner can complicate giant projects

In addition, PPF is considering listing the telecommunications company Cetin. Due to recent transactions, the value of Cetin could according to Bloomberg range over 176 billion crowns. There has also been speculation in the market about the entry of the Mall Group internet group on the stock exchange. The PPF Group has a 40% stake […]