He really existed, he greeted and went to work in his days. The employee remembers Kellner

Does it even exist? So much of the people talked about Peter Kellner, who for a long time led a lot of the richest of them, and in similar statistics he also appeared worldwide.

Although Kellner was privately and unprecedentedly spared, and we didn’t know much about him, his death was over. Especially those who met him in person.

Petr Kellner was an employer in the past. And yes, he existed, he greeted, he opened the door and it was a dog all hunter and dad, remembered on Twitter a woman who met regularly with the Czech billion.

He went to work in bottoms and jackets and rode with others. These were the times when millions didn’t go, and I didn’t want anything at any cost. Or it wasn’t like that, she added.

Reactions in the discussion varied, but other people who had experience with Kellner also spoke. According to one, he was an unscrupulous hunter, just under the pier. He disagreed.

I don’t hate hatred, primarily from the people, their hurry is just the like on the below-average tweet. Petr Kellner was an outspoken hunter, I remember him just like you. And you wrote it krsn, mn.

Billionaire Petr Kellner (56) tragically died in Alaska after a helicopter.

Kellner was also remembered by several politicians, such as Interior Minister Jan Hamek.

At first, she lost a lot to Petr Kellner’s death. A year ago, he was one of the first entrepreneurs to help the Czech Republic in the situation of arresting a pandemic. six of his remembrance, their condolences shall be established, wrote.

Pirtsk MP Olga Richterov did not succeed in the slightest, Kellner’s death used them to flow to private wealth.

The richest Petr Kellner died when the helicopter landed. He noted that pensions are far from over. Often the other way around. Congratulations on the memento of the sea, she wrote.


Original post on Twitter by Olga Richterov.

After strong criticism, she preferred to erase Richter’s status.

I think about how we are all kehc and mortal. A while ago, I wrote an inappropriate wording. Toto mlo bt jdro. Let the heart of my soul be ashamed, that they may drink of their near and close, she wrote.



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