Famous Gemini: 10 celebrities with the most contradictory horoscope

These are the 10 famous Geminis who have a double face, just like their zodiac sign The famous gemini They are the most contradictory, but they always know how to take advantage of their characteristic double personality. Find out who they are and what are the characteristics of this sign in their person. Gemini is […]

Chinese Warship Reportedly Approaching Alaska

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — People’s Liberation Army (PLA) warship China reportedly entered international waters near Alaska, on Sunday (12/9) local time. This information was obtained from the reports of websites affiliated with the Ministry of Defense United States of America, but this report was deleted on Monday (13/9). Reportedly, these warships were used for long-sea […]

Chinese Warship Fleet Reportedly Sailing Near Alaska, US Action Reply?

loading… WASHINGTON – A site affiliated with the Ministry of Defense United States of America (USA) reported on Sunday that a warship strongest belongs China recently sailed in near international waters Alaska . But the report was deleted for unknown reasons on Monday. The US Department of Defense reported Sunday on the Defense Visual Information […]

Dear Diary, This is Mammoth’s ‘Diary’

Jakarta – Ancient elephants this one is so attractive even though it is extinct. Recent research has revealed that these elephants have been roaming large areas. Reported from BBC, scientists have analyzed the chemicals stored in the tusks of a mammoth. It turns out ivory have to do with the journey of ancient elephants. Recent […]

3,000 counterfeit Covid-19 vaccination cards are seized in Alaska

More than 3,000 counterfeit Covid-19 vaccination cards imported from China have been seized from an anchorage airport in Anchorage, Alaska, officials said on Thursday. Customs and Border Protection officials seized counterfeit cards delivered in small packages to the United States last week, Haime Ruiss, a spokesman for the service, confirmed. Between 135 and 150 packages […]

Researchers reveal the mobility of woolly mammoths in Alaska through their tusks

James Havens / University of Alaska Museum of the North Illustration of a woolly mammoth in Alaska. Nationalgeographic.co.id – Mamut hairy or Mammuthus primigenius become a species mamut the most famous. The life of this large prehistoric animal has been successfully investigated by scientists. Reported from Sci News, scientists have studied isotopes collected from ivory […]

Sarah Palin thinks about returning to politics, for Senate 2022 – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, AUGUST 01 – Sarah Palin evaluates a return to politics. The former governor of Alaska and former candidate for the US vice president hints at the possibility of her candidacy for the Senate in 2022 against the Republican Lisa Murkowski. “If God wills I will do it,” says Palin during a […]

Such an action with a bear and a man had never happened before VIDEO

A man survived after being chased by a grizzly bear in Alaska for a week. The 60-year-old tourist was attacked and dragged by the animal in an area that is deserted and uncrowded. However, he managed to break free from the bear’s grip and reached a shelter where he was hiding. But the animal does […]