More money for Monet. The bank’s shares rose sharply above PPF’s offer

“The longer it takes the PPF Group to start and possibly finalize new negotiations, the higher the price it will have to offer as part of the mandatory takeover bid,” says Cyrrus economist Tomáš Pfeiler. On June 22, Moneta’s shareholders rejected a key parameter of the merger with PPF’s banking division, after which a trio […]

Křetínský, PPF and Rockaway bought the owners of the Planeo Elektro chain

PPF and EC Investments Daniel Křetínský and Patrik Tkáč will hold 40 percent of the shares, and Rockaway Jakub Havrlant will have the remaining 20 percent. The previous owners of the Fast group were Tomáš and Marek Smrček, descendants of the late businessman Tomáš Smrčka. As both owners were minors until recently, their guardian was […]

California teachers are rebelling against the merger of Moneta and PPF

The merger of Moneta Money Bank and the banking division of the PPF Group has another opponent. It is Monety’s minority shareholder, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), a fund of teacher retirement savings in California. He is Moneta’s first shareholder to hear the recommendation of respected overseas shareholder advisors to vote against the […]

Starlife Olympians Zmlík is insolvent

“During 2020, the debtor was in significant delay in fulfilling its contractual obligations. The petitioner is of the opinion that the debtor does not meet the preconditions for resolving the bankruptcy through the institute of reorganization, “states lawyer Jana Latková on behalf of LeasePlan, stating that LeasePlan also proposes that the court declare Banklife’s assets […]

Renáta Kellnerová became the ultimate owner of PPF

“Ms. Kellner’s appointment as trustee does not in any way mean that the inheritance proceedings have been closed. Ms. Kellner also represents the family in the meetings of the newly formed PPF Group Steering Committee, which serves as an advisory body to PPF Executive Director Ladislav Bartoníček,” said PPF. According to the CNB’s announcement in […]