MEGA TRAPAS Bočanové with a dress: It had to be red behind the ears!

At the event of the selected company, you definitely do not want to see a sign, especially when you are wearing a dress for a jerk. Just like Mahulena Bočanová! “The feeling when you go to a classy dinner and the waiter runs with scissors that a sign is hanging on your back !!! I […]

Meghan stepped next. After Philip’s death, she is said to be ready to forgive

The whole island kingdom has been on its feet for several days. The death of Prince Philip saddened every supporter of the royal family. And while Britain mourns, Meghan Markle is said to be ready to forgive the family for the hardships she talked about in an explosive conversation with Oprah Winfrey. The portal informed […]

MEGA TRAPASES in the Face do not end: Poor Dara Rolins!

“Um … I really did what I could. And once again a big sorry, Daro, “ he said right after his performance on the show Your face has a familiar voice Vojtech Drahokoupil. The spectators then submitted it properly and Daru Rolins considered poor. According to Blesk, it was again more of a failed travesty […]

Krain probably didn’t think about it a bit! A place of admiration super TRAPAS!

Apparently she didn’t quite realize that she should turn off all the rejuvenating filters she normally uses. Because the film with Hollywood actor Cube Gooding Jr. (53) Before winning an Oscar in the comedy Jerry Maguire, he was finally quite a faux pas. Simona’s filters changed the actor so much that he acted more like […]