Modular reactors will definitely come, the Czechia must prepare for them

In order for the Czechia not to have to import large quantities of electricity from abroad in the coming decades, it will have to unconditionally partially replace coal with gas or large nuclear power units. However, once modular reactors are on the market, analysts say they will be a more suitable alternative. Gas has the […]

Lithium is an opportunity, the Czechia does not have to stay with the assembly, believes Špicar from the Confederation of Industry and Transport – ČT24 – Czech Television

The memorandum between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and ČEZ on support for a factory for batteries for electric vehicles was approved by the government on Monday. The expected investment in the first phase is over fifty billion crowns. According to the ministry, several investors showed interest, including the German Volkswagen and the Korean […]

The head of Volkswagen will come to negotiate a gigafactory

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Škoda Auto trade union leader Jaroslav Povšík and a representative of ČEZ, who did not wish to be named, confirmed the E15 daily discussion on the specific date of the visit of Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board concerning the construction of the gigafactory. Diess’s arrival is expected in the […]

Electricity is starting to rise in price. Some customers already pay a third more

So far, only the least numerous group of customers who have contracted contracts linked to the daily movement of wholesale prices pay a higher price for electricity supplies. Their offer is mostly associated with so-called alternative suppliers, which emerged as competitors to large players. While last year customers saved thanks to dynamic tariffs, this year […]

CEZ has strengthened in telecommunications. He bought three internet providers

According to information from the financial statements for the previous year, the Group bought a 100% stake in FDLnet.CZ, ISP West and TaNET West. The company FDLnet.CZ provides services in the Frýdlant region, the other two companies (they had the same owners) operate in the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions. CEZ already manages 8,500-kilometer optical […]

The flexibility aggregator shakes the energy market, claims the Czech company

The flexibility aggregator works as a virtual power plant, which brings together electricity producers and consumers and manages their production and consumption based on collected data and complex mathematical models. In the first phase, Nano Energies wants to have an output of about twenty megawatts from several cogeneration units available in its aggregator. The output […]