Indonesia Among the 5 Enigmatic Locations on Earth Confounding Scientists

Jakarta – The earth and everything in it contains various phenomena ranging from the strange to astonishing us. Scientists seek to study the oddities in the places they encounter. There are at least five mysterious places that make scientists confused and curious to specifically examine them, detikINET summarized from various sources, Wednesday (22/3/2023): Al Naslaa […]

7 Species That Rely on Earth’s Magnetic Field for Navigation

7 Animals That Use Earth’s Magnet. PHOTOS/AFP JAKARTA – Animals that use the Earth’s magnetism for navigation there are at least 7 species of animals that exist on this earth. i Not only humans use the earth’s magnet in our daily lives, for navigation or directions, but animals also use the earth’s magnet for navigation. […]

Loud Sounds Believed to be Trumpets Trumpets Heard in Jamaica

A loud sound similar to a trumpet trumpet was heard in Jamaica last January and is now viral on social media. PHOTOS/ KINGSTONIST KINGSTON – An excited sound like a trumpet from the sky as happened in Kingston Jamaica on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 in the morning local time, went viral on social media. READ […]

The Original Rainbow Shaped Circle, This Looks Like This

Jakarta – The true appearance of a rainbow is a perfect circle, not an arc or semicircle as we have seen so far. But in order to see it, we have to be at the right time and place. In fact, we always see rainbows from ground level. This means that the bottom of the […]

Strange! This Well’s Water Turns Everything Into Stone

Jakarta – A well called Mother Shipton in Knaresborough, England, can turn various objects into stone. Not mystical, this happened due to the peculiarities of the local geology. Mother Shipton’s name was inspired by a character from local myths and legends who was said to have been born in a nearby cave, now called Mother […]

Huge Dinosaur Footprints Found in England

Largest Dinosaur Footprints Found in England. PHOTO/ DAILY MAIL LONDON – Dinosaur footprints which is believed to have lived approximately 166 million years ago, was found in Yorkshire, England. The size of this footprint broke the record of all finds on the Yorkshire coast. READ ALSO – Archeology Finds Dinosaur Footprints 100 Million Years Old […]

Rare Natural Phenomenon, Red Aurora Decorates the Sky of Canada, USA and Europe

Rare red aurora sightings adorn the skies of Canada, the United States (US) and Europe. Photos/Spaces QUEBEC – Sighting of a rare red aurora decorate the sky Canada, the United States (US), and Europe, on February 16, 2023. Aurora is formed due to bursts of solar plasma after a geomagnetic storm from outer space. This […]

viral! Part of the Sun Breaking Recorded by NASA, Scientists are Stunned

NASA’s James Webb Telescope captures the rare moment a part of the sun splits. Photo/Screenshot of @TamithaSkov’s Twitter video WASHINGTON – An incident that had never been seen before stunned scientists, namely that part of the sun’s north pole was split. The moment was captured by NASA’s James Webb telescope and the video has gone […]

Rare Nacreous Cloud Phenomenon Nicknamed Mother of Pearl, Beautiful but Dangerous Color

loading… The mesmerizing sight of the emergence of beautifully colored nacreous clouds looms over the skies of Aberdeenshire, Highlands and Moray, in Scotland. Photo/Daily Mail/Twitter EDINBURG – Stunning views from emergence no nacreous beautifully colored skies over Aberdeenshire, Highlands, and Moray, at Scotland . The appearance of this cloud, nicknamed Mother of Pearl, is a […]