Found a way to quickly assess the effectiveness of cancer treatment

Photo: Found a way to quickly assess the effectiveness of cancer treatment Scientists have developed a way to evaluate the process by which antigen-recognizing receptors are formed. British researchers from University College London and the Francis Crick Institute have developed a method to quickly measure the number of T cells in a cancerous tumor. […]

The mechanism of growth of a cancerous brain tumor has been discovered

Photo: A specific protein cuts the DNA strand To prevent the development of glioma, scientists advise taking medications that suppress the expression of the enzyme topoisomerase IIB. American researchers have identified an enzyme that is involved in the regulation of oncogenes in cells of one of the most common and incurable types of brain […]

Found a super effective treatment for breast cancer

Photo: Scientists have found a new way to treat breast cancer The ErSO drug kills 95-100% of breast cancer cells, as well as their metastases throughout the body. American scientists have developed a new cancer treatment method that is capable of destroying up to 100% of breast tumor cells. The results of the study […]

Found a protein that prevents the spread of cancer cells

Scientists have discovered a mechanism that is effective in combating metastases TRPM7 responds to the pressure of fluid in the bloodstream and stops the migration of cancer cells in the vessels, thereby preventing metastases from occurring. An international team of scientists has identified a special protein that helps prevent tumor cells from spreading to other […]

Results 03.06: Claims against Iran and more taxes

Photo: Plane crash site Iran must make a public apology, ensure the transparency of the criminal investigation; The Cabinet of Ministers has submitted a bill to the Rada, which provides for an increase in a number of taxes. highlights the main events of yesterday. A number of countries put forward claims to Iran […]

Scientists have warned of the dangers of hot tea

Photo: Getty Hot drinks can trigger esophageal cancer The findings of the researchers are based on observations of 50 thousand hot tea drinkers in different countries. Turkish scientists have warned of the dangers of drinking hot tea, Cumhuriyet newspaper writes. For several years, scientists have observed a group of 50 thousand people from Turkey, China, […]

The death of the patient: three doctors at the Cancer Institute will be tried

Photo: The anesthesiologist did not perform preoperative preparation The anesthesiologist, through whose fault the woman died, as well as her attending physician and a pathologist, who tried to hide a colleague’s mistake, will go to court. In Kiev, three doctors from the National Cancer Institute will be on trial. The doctors are accused of […]