These 4 natural ingredients can be used as menstrual pain medicine, lo

KONTAN.CO.ID – There are many women who experience menstrual pain every month. In addition to making you uncomfortable, the problem can also interfere with daily activities. To overcome this, there are many menstrual pain medications that you can make an option. Usually, menstrual pain is characterized by flatulence, pain in the abdomen and back, headaches, […]

Recognize the Phases of the Menstrual Cycle That Affect Sex Life

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — This week you are so passionate about sex, but last week sex was ‘crispy’ like an obligation between husband and wife. Why is that so? There are lots of tips out there that talk about increasing sex drive or a thousand and one ways to make your sex life better. However, […]

The Importance of Keeping the Female Area Clean to Prevent Infection

Jakarta, – Have feminine area Healthy and free from various problems is the dream of every woman. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the problems that are often experienced by 75% of women are: whiteness. Vaginal discharge itself consists of two kinds, normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. In abnormal vaginal discharge, the vaginal […]

4 Dangers of Having Sex During Menstruation According to Experts

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Relationship sex what to do when menstruation still a matter of debate. However, some experts believe that there is a danger of having sex during menstruation. For some people, menstruation is not an obstacle to having sex. During menstruation, sex is said to be more exciting. However, some others try to […]

Menstruation as a taboo subject: when you feel like an alien

A green hairy body, a large purple eye, and pink boots. This is what one of Alma Weber’s aliens looks like. The Dresden animated film artist sits on the flowered vintage sofa in her studio and draws sketches for her current project entitled “Menstrualiens” – a mixture of the words menstruation and aliens. Aliens because […]

3 Risks of Infection Due to Lazy Cleaning Vagina During Menstruation

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Menstruation usually affect a person’s mood. Menstruation also often causes abdominal bloating or pain. As a result, it feels like you want to be on a soft sofa all day with a warm compress on your stomach and do nothing. But even though you sometimes feel uncomfortable, you should still keep […]

Malaysian Students Asked to Take Off their Panties to Prove that they are Menstruation

loading… KUALA LUMPUR – Girls on Malaysia revealed on Twitter about the practice of “menstrual check” during the month of Ramadan at school. They claimed they were asked to remove their underwear to prove they were menstruating and could be forgiven for not fasting. Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported that several schoolgirls disclosed the abuse […]

Do not underestimate menstrual pain, the risk can interfere with fertility

JAKARTA, – For women who are teenagers, they will experience a cycle menstruation. The cycles vary, ranging from three to seven days with each cycle ranging from 21 to 35 days. A woman’s menstrual cycle is affected by hormonal changes involving estrogen and progesterone. An imbalance of one or both of these hormones can […]