Research shows complex heart treatments have vastly improved

Monday, 8. November 2021 – 10:45 am “Thanks to this so-called FAME 3 study, heart specialists now know better which treatment is most suitable for whom,” says researcher Frederik Zimmermann of the Catharina Hospital. “With this knowledge, we can tailor the treatment even more specifically to the patient, with greater safety and better results. Customized […]

Breast cancer: this disputed clinic that provides experimental treatments at a price

Among patients with cancer breast triple X circulates the name of a small German clinic, near the Black Forest, the Hallwang clinic. Experimental treatments are provided there at full price. Patients have sold their homes to gain access, others are launching jackpots on the Internet. Invoices can easily reach five zeros. Philippe Amiel, vice-president of […]

Foundations that support breast cancer in Mexico

In this month of awareness about breast cancer we must know which are the places where they offer studies to prevent this disease, as well as treatments and making donations to support women who struggle every day. Fucam Foundation Institution formed for 20 years and is dedicated to transforming lives, since every day it is […]

Study Review Advises Against Ozone Treatments Against COVID

The ozone treatment that two COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Spain have received, one in Vila-real (Castellón) and the other in Barcelona, ​​has led to lawsuits and rejection by health professionals. The General Council of Official Medical Associations (CGCOM) itself recently reported that the available studies do not have sufficient methodological rigor to conclude or support […]

Covid-19. Where is the search for treatments?

The vaccination is progressing, but where are the treatments? While the high health authority gave, Friday August 6, its green light to preventive treatment for immunocompromised people, some drugs are in the testing phase while others have already proven their worth for certain categories of patients. Overview of treatments against covid-19. Three recommendations by the […]

CDC, warning! The Delta strain is as contagious as chickenpox

The Delta strain is the new threat of coronavirus. This mutation is already wreaking havoc all over the world and threatening a new increase in covid cases in the autumn. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns that the new Delta viral strain of coronavirus is as contagious as chickenpox. This mutation can be transmitted […]

What health problems affect women in a special way?

Although it is often not noticed, men and women do not get sick the same, nor do they have the same symptoms or react in the same way to treatments. A fact that for centuries was not taken into account by medicine, whose prism was eminently masculine, as well as that of society as a […]

Seven treatments in the cabin to welcome the summer

The treatment requires round and round, that is, passes through the legs, back, belly, arms (these hurt a bit on the inside, really), and can cause stiffness the next day. You leave a bit sore, yes, but very relaxed and with the mission of drink plenty of water to expel toxins and with palpable results […]