Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for $1.56 million at auction house

Right after The Legend of Zelda on NES broke records, now it was the charismatic mustached plumber’s turn

who ever tried collect games you know it’s a very expensive hobby. With the advent of the pandemic and social isolation, the prices of games, and other forms of similar entertainment, soared.

However, one segment broke two records in a row: after a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda, from NES, be sold at auction, on the website Heritage Auctions, for US$ 870,000, a copy also sealed, but of Super Mario 64, was auctioned by $1,560,000 (1.56 million dollars), somewhere around 8.2 million reais.

This is the first time a game has been sold for million dollar amounts. As previously reported, in the news of the The Legend of Zelda, with three days to go before closing the ad, the value was already over $100,000.

Being one of the most iconic characters in video games, this popularity was met with an enthusiasm on the same level. It’s common, over the years, that older games end up appreciating. It is increasingly difficult to preserve products that were not made with the intention of spending decades in storage.

Previously, before these two cases mentioned here, another even more classic version of the adventures of the iconic plumber held the record for the most expensive game sold: Super Mario Bros, 1985, was auctioned by 660 thousand dollars in April 2021.

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In case of Super Mario 64, was one of the most relevant titles of its generation, being one of the first examples that had fully 3D environments.

(Credits: Heritage Auctions)

The story behind these sales is often quirky. Regarding the 1986 issue of Super Mario Bros., someone bought the product as a gift for Christmas that year, but… it fell into the back of a drawer and got lost since then.

When the owner became aware of the treasure that had been forgotten inside his house, he announced it on the famous auction site and ended up not only selling for an extremely high amount, but also made history.

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Obviously, few individuals are able to invest that much money in a single product.

The lucky ones who have this condition become part of the select group of people, all over the world, who can enjoy such a rare and coveted item – after all, it is not necessary “only” to have a lot of money, but a dose of luck is equally necessary, as some competitors competed in these auctions.




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