Xi Jinping’s Visit to Russia at Putin’s Invitation on March 20-22 is Confirmed!

Chinese President Xi Jinping will make an official visit to Russia. Between March 20-22, at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin The Kremlin confirmed the Chinese leader’s visit on March 17 after Beijing presented a peace plan to help end the war in Ukraine. which was both the United States and Western allies attacked it […]

We Sent Bakhmut to Death: The Ukrainian Army’s Decision

Desperate Ukrainian troops realized they had been deployed to Bakhmut only to be sent to die without the artillery to fight the Russians. Photo/REUTERS BAKHMUT – Soldiers Ukraine the distraught realized early on that they were being deployed to Bakhmut only to be “sent to die”. They complained that they did not have artillery and […]

Ukraine Worries When Bakhmut Falls into Russian Hands

Kiev – Ukraine now in awe. The reason is, the city of Bakhmut which is in Ukraine Timur most likely fell into Russian hands. This warning was delivered by NATO. This statement came after months of heavy fighting in the city of Bakhmut. Reported by the news agency AFPThursday (9/3/2023), head of Wagner and Kremlin […]

Barrage of Russian Missiles Rain on Ukrainian Cities, Sirens Are Wailing

A series of Russian missile attacks rained down on several cities in Ukraine, Thursday (9/3/2023) morning. Photo/REUTERS KIEV – Barrage of missile attacks Russia rained down on the cities in Ukraine , including the nation’s capital; Kiev, Odesa port and northeastern city of Kharkiv on Thursday (9/3/2023) morning. This attack triggered air raid sirens to […]

Putin: Ukraine, Russian mainland terrorist attack… Alleged shooting of children

Ukra is ‘Mrs.’… “A provocation to scare the people, the attacker is an enemy within Russia” The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said Saturday that Ukrainian sabotage groups infiltrated the western region of Russia, which borders Ukraine, and engaged in hostilities. Russian President Vladimir Putin called off an emergency meeting and called the fighting a […]

Ukrainian Army, Russian Army ‘Encircled on 3 Sides’ Strengthening troops in Bahmut… ‘Strategic withdrawal theory’

Eastern Warfront Bahmut’s fall imminent? Ukrainian Army “The situation is not good”… augmentation Russian forces encircle the city on three sides Ukrainian troops’ strategic withdrawal theory A building is set ablaze by Russian artillery fire in Bakhmut, Donetsk Region, Ukraine, on March 27 (local time). Reuters Yonhap News Fighting is intensifying in Bakhmut, an important […]

Ukraine Tries to Attack 2 Russian Territories with Drones but Fails

Ukraine tried to attack two Russian territories with drones but failed. Photo/Twitter via Daily Star MOSCOW – Ministry of Defense Russia on Tuesday (28/2/2023) announced that Ukraine attempted to carry out drone strikes against civilian infrastructure targets in two regions of southern Russia on Monday night. However, the ministry said, the attempted attack failed. Neither […]

China Proposes 12 Points to End the Russo-Ukrainian War, Here Are the Full Details

China put forward 12 points in a peace proposal to end the Russia-Ukraine war. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – China has released 12 points in its peace proposal to end the war Russia-Ukraine . This was disclosed on Friday (24/2/2023) or exactly one year after Moscow’s military invasion of its neighbors. Chinese diplomat Wang Yi toured Europe […]