▷ KfW study on future technologies: Germany has some catching up to do with …

▷ KfW study on future technologies: Germany has some catching up to do with …

02.03.2021 – 10:00


Frankfurt am Main (ots)

- Insgesamt ausdifferenziertes Technologieprofil
- Gute Ausgangsposition bei Kraftfahrzeugs-, Produktions- sowie Umwelt- und Klimaschutztechnologien
- Es führt kein Weg an der Digitalisierung vorbei - Kompetenzspektrum muss auf Informationstechnologien erweitert werden 

Germany has a differentiated technology profile with many promising starting points for the future. A current study commissioned by KfW Research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Innovation and Systems Research (ISI) shows the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy with a view to future technologies. As a result, Germany is particularly well positioned when it comes to vehicle-related technologies, but also in the areas of production technologies, environmental and climate protection and medical technologies. This shows the analysis of patents, scientific publications and trademark applications. However, there is a lot of catching up to do in one central area: information technologies – which form the basis of digitization – are not a German strength.

“Especially for Germany as a technology nation it is important to create growth with the help of innovations, technical progress and competitiveness in central technology fields. Only in this way can future-proof jobs be created and prosperity secured and increased”, says Dr. Fritzi Köhler-Geib, Chief Economist at KfW. “Germany can build on many traditional technological strengths. In terms of digitization, however, Germany urgently needs to catch up.” Information technologies are key technologies that are already of great importance for other branches of industry such as motor vehicles, mechanical engineering or chemistry – and this importance will continue to grow. “So there is no getting around digitization. An expansion of the range of competencies in information technology is necessary, otherwise this valuable added value potential remains closed to Germany,” said Köhler-Geib. The aim must be to become internationally competitive, especially in the application of these technologies.

For the current KfW study, a total of 32 potential future technologies were examined, which are expected to be of high market relevance in the medium term (5-10 years). The future technologies identified cover a wide range and reflect the many facets of Germany’s technological competence. The study results can be summarized as follows:

-  Bei den Kraftfahrzeugtechnologien - wie hybridelektrische Kfz, Batterietechnik, elektrische Traktionsmotoren, Leichtbau bei Kfz und autonomes Fahren - sind die deutschen Unternehmen technologisch gut aufgestellt. Diese Technologien setzen bei bereits bestehenden, klassischen deutschen Stärken an. Ein weiteres Engagement in der Forschung ist jedoch erforderlich, vor allem um Kompetenzen in der Elektromobilität aufzubauen. 
- Informationstechnologien stellen für Deutschland hingegen eine Herausforderung dar. Ihnen kommt eine wachsende Bedeutung in vielen anderen Technologiefeldern und Wirtschaftszweigen zu. Allerdings sind die technologischen Kompetenzen Deutschlands hier nur mittelstark ausgeprägt. Da es wenig realistisch erscheint, nur durch verstärkte Forschung und Entwicklung in wenigen Jahren international den Anschluss bei der Entwicklung dieser Technologien zu erreichen, sollte bei diesen Technologien ein besonderes Augenmerk auf den Aufbau von Kompetenzen in ihrer Anwendung - insbesondere in der Produktionstechnik - gelegt werden. 
- Umwelt- und Klimaschutztechnologien adressieren direkt gesellschaftliche Bedarfe, deren langfristige Bedeutung außer Frage steht. Damit sich diese Technologien wirtschaftlich auch auf kürzere Sicht für Unternehmen rechnen, ist es wichtig, zuverlässige Rahmenbedingungen für deren Nutzung zu schaffen, wie etwa die CO2-Steuer. Die Anreize, in Umwelt- und Klimaschutz zu investieren, müssen auf breiter Front gestärkt werden. 
- Produktionstechnologien zählen zu den traditionellen deutschen Stärken. Eine besondere Herausforderung für deutsche Unternehmen ist der neue Markt der additiven Fertigung und die weitere Integration der Informationstechnik. 
-  Zu den Zukunftstechnologien der Medizin zählen beispielsweise neue Impfstoffe, die lange Zeit als ökonomisch wenig attraktiv galten. Mit der Corona-Pandemie haben Impfstoffe eine neue Bedeutung bekommen. Da es in den kommenden Jahren immer wieder ähnlich gefährliche neue Viren geben wird, kann ein erhebliches Wachstumspotenzial angenommen werden.  

The current analysis by KfW Research is available at www.kfw.de/KfW-Konzern/KfW-Research/Zukunftstechnologien.html

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Elmos takes over development service provider Online Engineering: acquisition strengthens in-house competence in software development – TZDO

Elmos takes over development service provider Online Engineering: acquisition strengthens in-house competence in software development – TZDO



The Elmos Semiconductor SE (Photo below: Elmos), based on the Science and Technology Campus Dortmund, has taken over the Dortmund-based development service provider Online Engineering. Online Engineering GmbH specializes in the development of hardware and software components for electric drives. The company was founded in 2007 and has 16 employees.

Acquisition strengthens in-house competence in software development

“We have valued Online Engineering for several years as a reliable development service provider for software solutions in the automotive motor control sector. With the acquisition, we are now strengthening our in-house competence and will be able to offer our customers even more comprehensive system solutions in the future, ”explains Dr. Jan Dienstuhl, Member of the Management Board for Development and Sales at Elmos Semiconductor SE.

Über Elmos Semiconductor SE

Elmos develops, produces and sells semiconductors primarily for use in cars. The modules from Elmos communicate, measure, regulate and control safety, comfort, drive and network functions. For over 30 years, Elmos innovations have enabled new functions and made mobility around the world safer, more convenient and more energy-efficient. With its solutions, the company is already number one worldwide in applications with great future potential, such as ultrasonic distance measurement, ambient light and intuitive operation.

Read the full press release from Elmos here.


Huawei and Synnex join forces to launch the latest innovation “HUAWEI IdeaHub”

Huawei and Synnex join forces to launch the latest innovation “HUAWEI IdeaHub”

Huawei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leader in information and communication technology infrastructure, in collaboration with Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the world’s leading importer and distributor of IT products, launched ” HUAWEI IdeaHub “The most intelligent screen That comes with a wireless connection Design – Smart Elegant and touch screen solution The strengths of such products are suitable for actual use in order to meet customers’ needs. Organizations and business groups By taking advantage of energy-efficient and flexible office solutions. It will help speed up the process of converting into the digital age of the organization.

The official Huawei IdeaHub product launch event Held under the concept of “Smart Business Smart Life” reflecting the image of two giant camps like Huawei and Synnex, the event held an exhibition HUAWEI IdeaHub to allow attendees to experience the innovative smart devices. Latest model At the event, meet with internationally renowned pianist Dr. Wang Yang. The show was performed with Mr. Siripong Thipthan, a Thai violinist, to experience and create music through HUAWEI IdeaHub and meet Marky-Rasri. Balenziega That come together to create colors And join in talking about new innovations For a smart office

Mr. Roben Wang, President of Cloud Business Group and AI Huawei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has revealed the HUAWEI IdeaHub smart office strategy that can be used to support every situation. “The current situation of the coronavirus epidemic has affected every aspect of people’s lives, resulting in a new lifestyle change. HUAWEI IdeaHub is the latest product at Huawei. Developed to create “Smart office” that supports the work in every situation This smart device integrates a variety of functions. Whether it is a feature to use multiple screens together (multi-screen collaboration) used as an interactive whiteboard Support for remote collaboration Used for video conferencing, displaying crystal clear images in full HD resolution and equipped with a pre-installed Huawei App Gallery, download additional applications.

“HUAWEI IdeaHub Smart monitors or smart electronic whiteboards come in two sizes, 86-inch and 65-inch, designed for ease of use. And economical price With low latency, the write response speed is no more than 35 milliseconds and has an intelligent handwriting recognition system. Which can convert handwriting to type The screen has a resolution of 4K, and the built-in HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting solution is installed, which is compatible with Cloud video conferencing of other platforms. The Pro version comes with a 4K resolution camera and 12 array microphones capable of receiving sound up to 8 meters and a noise canceling function. On the camera part there is a function to automatically adjust the camera angle according to the meeting room and the number of meeting attendees. (Auto-Framing), for example, if a meeting has walked in or out The camera will automatically adjust the image and bring the screen to the center. And this smart screen can capture a panoramic view and supports both Android and Windows 10 systems. HUAWEI IdeaHub is designed to be easy to install Can be installed on a mobile stand Or installed along the wall of various locations, both in the meeting room in the company Open plan office space Or home office And with great performance and installation flexibility, HUAWEI IdeaHub can be both a smart office and a team collaboration. Which supports all forms of office work “

Ms. Sutida Mongkolsutee, Chief Executive Officer of Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited, as an importer And distributing products HUAWEI IdeaHub said, “Synnex has selected products And technology that will meet the needs of consumers To business organizations in the government sector And the private sector continuously Currently, we are a distributor for more than 60 world-class brands and distribute products through agents including retail stores. Department store And over 6,000 online channels and over 70 service centers nationwide Under the warranty symbol Trusted By Synnex, where Synnex is the main partner with Huawei in both distribution And after-sales service in all product groups, from smartphones To business enterprise products We are ready to deliver products. And Huawei technology to both public and private organizations, as well as general users. With a team of experts to take care and give advice before and after the sale

“We are living in an age where technology is the most important factor in our lives. And take advantage of work for a new way of consumers As well as an overview of the expansion of public infrastructure investment System upgrade And technology equipment of the private sector To support the organization in the future to be able to connect, communicate and live comfortably. And faster These factors will help support the growth of commercial and cloud & security products, which HUAWEI IdeaHub is expected to receive a good response in the market. As well, including the 5G trend that will stimulate the demand for communications devices, the IoT and smart devices market will receive a remarkable response in 2021, ”said Ms. Suthida in the episode. end

Businesses interested in HUAWEI IdeaHub products can contact the distributor of Synnex. All over the country Or ask for more details www.synnex.co.th, fb / synnexthailand or call Synnex Care 1251


Statistician: Saxony-Anhalt’s companies are less digital

Statistician: Saxony-Anhalt’s companies are less digital

Companies in Saxony-Anhalt have considerable difficulties in finding IT specialists. 79 percent of the companies that wanted to hire such specialists reported problems, the State Statistical Office announced on Monday in Halle. Nationwide, the proportion was 66 percent.

The companies in Saxony-Anhalt use 93 percent less information and communication technologies than nationwide, where 98 percent of the companies with ten or more employees were. In addition, only 55 percent of companies operated their own website in Germany, 62 percent in Germany. And only seven percent of the companies in Saxony-Anhalt sold their services via a website or an app, four percentage points less than nationwide.